Please help with feedback on a track.

Hi there,

I’m starting out on Audiojungle and getting rejection after rejection. I don’t have this problem on ■■■■ and i’m not shure if it’s the production quality or that i don’t write commercial enough?
Any feedback is very welcome!

Here’s the last rejection:


The composition is very charming. I enjoyed listening to your track!

But I’ve spotted distortion in three places, and this is a big no-no for a track you’re offering for sale. Do some critical listening on headphones and adjust your limiter settings before reuploading.

Good luck!

Hi Soundset,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen, very much appreciated!!
I’ve walked through the track again with metering on. Limiter is on at -1.0db and i don’t see true peak above that. I keep my LUFS conservative at -15db??
Could it be the compression on SoundCloud? Or some frequenties i should watch out for with the compression being done on SoundCloud en AJ?

Thanks again!

Can you hear the distortion at 0:20? Maybe it’s from the mp3 compression, indeed.
Another advice, don’t post your tracks on Soundcloud without the watermark. :slight_smile:

Ahhh, yes! It’s a bassoon that is not EQ’t right! It sounds distorted!

Do you have your own watermark? It’s just that i want things that get (hard) rejected on AJ still to be reached on SC. So AJ watermark wouldn’t work…

That depends on what you intend to do with the track. If your goal is to get some advice hrere on the forums, rework the track and reupload it to AJ, it’s better to keep the AudioJungle watermark on.

Very nice music
She makes you wonder…

Thanks Ksarex! Any tips?

It sounds self-sufficient. Nothing to say.
Keep doing this.
You can’t please everyone. But I like this music!
This music is suitable for games, background and other things.
You will definitely find your listener.

Thanks for the morale boost, Ksarex! Sure could use it after so many rejects!