Rejected for the second time don't know what to do :'(

Hi guys,
My track was rejected for the second time, can you please listen and tell me how to improve it again?
It’s very frustrating they don’t tell you why…

Thank you!

Hi friend, I listened to your track, I found it confusing, many instruments making melody, I think you should separate this well, mix better. decide which instrument will do the melody, and let it appear. this is just my opinion right? You can improve this track.

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I agree with this. Needs a bit of improvement, nonetheless, you’re on the right track.

Maybe a few too many arpeggios in some sections and like the others said a bit busy at times.

Thank you guys, I think I’ll delete some useless track and take more time on the mix.
I’ll make you listen before upload.

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Yes, upload the track here before shipping, we will try to help. :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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Hi guys!
This is my new version

Any suggestions to improve it?

Thank you again for your replies :wink:

Piano arpeggio is too loud. You could just mute the piano and leave the guitar with the strings.

Yes I wanted to make it the main instrument. Yes maybe it’s too loud, but I don’t think I’ll mute it. Thank you

Hi! What about this one? :slight_smile:

I’m not a pro, and I’ve had tracks rejected too. More rejected than accepted actually. So I have also been left questioning why. I thought the beginning was excellent. The piano and guitar part were really good, and could certainly hear it in a commercial. It has that commercial feel to it. Where I think it lost that quality is with the strings and woodwinds. To me, the samples just dont live up to the rest of the stuff going on, and I think they bring the quality down. Audio Jungle will reject music if they think the samples aren’t good quality.

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Thanks dude for your reply ! I uploaded this one, if it’s rejected I will give up with woodwinds and strings.