Rejected by quality standard

They have rejected this template [LINK REMOVED] for quality standard and according to the documentation these are the reasons that can lead to rejection for quality standard.

  • Be useful to customers
  • Not include any potentially offensive content (eg. violent, sexual or otherwise offensive content)
  • Not be compressed to the point where the aesthetic quality suffers
  • Not include your logo, URL, or watermark (you may include information about your services in an attached help text file)
  • Be well constructed
  • Be as compatible as possible
  • Be easy to customize

For which reason do you think you are being rejected?

There are no moderators with the knowledge to tell me the reason? or any reviewer who is here?

If you are not moderators or reviewers please leave your comments about your appreciation of the template


Your item category is saturated. Your concept is already vastly overdone and there a lot of templates which design is better than this one in this category.

That’s probably why you’ve been rejected.


What do you mean with “Your concept is already vastly overdone”?

In Joomla there are no designs of the same concept for personal pages. It is certain that there will be other better designs but they have a different concept.

Thank you for your opinion, if you have time I would like us to discuss this more, because in the last few months I have seen that the same design with some changes has been accepted 7 times, but for the same category (blog), so I don’t know if the reject is due to saturation of category designs or for some other reason such as using CSS variables, maybe it’s compatibility. Being honest is the third rejected design, all of different concepts and categories.

When I said category I meant personal portfolio, not joomla or WordPress. The personal portfolio thing with progress bars and timeline is so overdone. I would never purchase that kind of template. Your template is clean and it shows that you know how to code and put together a layout. However it is clearly outdated design wise. Yhe color scheme is aggressive and relies on the same primary color without any nuance. The current trends go the opposite way. Overall it lacks originality and doesn’t bring anything giving the premium feel. Take a look at top selling items to get an idea of products that actually work in terms of sales. Although this was approved, I highly doubt you would sell more than 20-50 copies. Is it worth?

My business card is rejected.please tell me what is problem?