Rejected 3rd song but approved 1st and 2nd


I got two songs approved and they were the first ones I wrote for stock music. With the 3rd one I went outside of my initial formula in an effort to be more “inspiring” but that one was rejected. Any pointers or criticism is appreciated.
here is the link below.


A few problems that I hear:

  1. Some guitars don’t edited to metronome;
    2)Sound quality are not well

Try to edit guitars and mix this track with more quality sound. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi @StockRockStudio! I agree with @LuckyBlackCat about guitars don’t edited to metronome.

  1. Guitar sound bad, not enough high-pass EQ,
  2. Additional guitar have same troubles
  3. Don’t understand mood of the track
  4. All mix sound poor.
    Try to edit guitars and add some background instruments and some drums, maybe make mood more “inspiring” :slight_smile:


This is like unmixed version
The track may work but not like this version!


Thanks for taking the time to give me some valuable advice, LuckyBlackCat! I will try to improve in these areas


Thanks very much AliveSound! This is very useful advice and I very much appreciate you taking time to give these tips to me. Have a great day!


Thanks @griggenri for your helpful advice


You are welcome! :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: YOU are w!!.


In my honest oppinion,
all rejections on AudioJungle come from
basically “unfinished audio track”.

This means the song is good, the ideea is good, but it’s done 70% not 100% by their standards.

100% by their standards, and this is what I think they are, from the experience of uploading,
is :

  • good ideea / concept of the track (think “what it will be used for?” and start from there)
  • all channels with proper volumes
  • good compression and EQ where needed, but not tooo much :slight_smile:
  • overall good stereophonic experience
  • excellent mastering to bring up the shine in your audio track

I’m not mentioning here (although I should) that the sequencing of the track should be very precise.
The song should give the listener the impression that is really something you worked professionally on.

For example if you record a lot of guitars or other real instruments,
cut really well the samples, quantize them perfectly so you don’t half-overlap with a beat,
should sound like a clock.

In electronic music is easier I agree, but with complex guitars and other real instruments,
you should align everything perfectly.

Also there should be a basic structure of the song (beginning - break - main phrase - break - end)
or any other you want to use, I just mentioned something that just came up, as an example.

good luck!


Mix is a bit on the muddy side. :open_mouth:


@SoundLoungeStudio that is some fantastic advice my friend. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. I didn’t think to quantize guitars but I see how that would have helped this track in some ways. I feel much clearer about what I should do in the future. This was a hard reject so I think I will scrap this song for now and move on to my next project with my new knowledge. On the bright side, I just got another of my songs approved and that really lightened my mood. I’m glad that I am now being forced to be a better musician/producer in order to get more tracks accepted here. @adammonroe I agree about the muddiness and thanks for your input bro.


nice )))))) )))))))):slight_smile: