Music rejected. Would love some feedback

My first 2 uploads to AudioJungle were rejected. one for mixing/mastering/sample quality, the other for AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall.

Please let me know why you think these were rejected/how I could improve so my next ones are not.

There are 2 different tracks in this soundcloud link btw.

  1. Track is very repetitive. You need to add more themes
  2. Strange instruments, not relevant for AudioJungle. Try to use more standart instruments
  3. Try to use better samples.

Good luck!)

Hey CB! Haven’t done this in a while but here are my initial thoughts after quickly listening to the tracks. Feel free to let me know if you need anything explained or whatever. Sorry if I come off as harsh at all but I’m a firm believer in totally honest feedback, otherwise it’s kind of pointless.

On the first track:

Overall this track is, to put it simply, kind of odd. I’m not totally sure of the theme or what kind of media this would be used for. It’s not particularly upbeat, or particularly romantic, or particularly atmospheric. If it were just a random piece of music you wrote that wouldn’t be a problem, but when you are submitting it as ‘stock’ music, it has to at least somewhat fit the part.

Aside from that, the track could definitely use some more polish. The samples and mix leave the track feeling kind of ‘empty’. I want the sound to be a lot bigger. The instruments you used as well are slightly odd, as LuckyBlackCat said as well, I would probably use less sonically unique sounds. Unique sounding instruments can work, but you have to be use them carefully, or mix them in with more normal sounds so it doesn’t stick out. For stock music, you never really want the listener to have to think ‘what is that instrument’.

On the second track:

The overall ‘idea’ or ‘feel’ of this track is definitely a lot closer to what I would expect from a stock track as compared to the first. That being said, it still has some issues. The mix and samples, just like the first one, leave this track feeling ‘empty’ as well. Something just needs to fill the space.

It is also a bit too repetitive. Generally, for a stock track, you will have the main theme repeating throughout the whole thing, so it is very important to mix up the sound so that the track stays fresh. Bringing in/dropping out instruments is the typical strategy to deal with this. Bring the melody in, take it out, put it back in. Add in a new melody. So on and so on.

I’m also not totally sure I’m a fan of key changes, at least not in stock music. Personally I find it a little to jarring, but that could just be me.

Final thoughts:

I think both of these tracks have ideas that are okay, though the second one for sure over the first one - at least thematically. Your sound just needs to be ‘bigger’, which comes from choosing the right instruments/samples and mixing/mastering/EQing correctly. I think both of these tracks could be helped by more/bigger instruments and more mixing up of your theme/idea/melody. If you want to keep something relatively unchanged over a decent period of time it has to sound really good. If you have trouble breaking up your tracks a good way to do it is to just think of them as if they were a pop song, but instead of verse chorus verse chorus you have theme 1 theme 2 theme 1 theme 2.

Anyways, hoped some of my rambling helps a little. Good luck man!

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Thanks for the in depth feedback! It really does help :slight_smile: