Why an asset like this one is getting rejected?
I can’t find anything similar here and I believe it is very useful.
High quality, easy to edit and very original.

I keep getting rejections for everything.

here is what you asked in the other topic!

This is the kind of content. I also worked on a different version of this asset. Got both rejected! Check the screenshot. By the way, I have many similar assets of this style, but for NFTs selling for a year on elements. Why not accept it for playlist if you accept for NFT?

They don’t say the reason of rejection. If it is the color, description, name, style, elements in the scene.

What I clearly know is: I needed a playlist mockup to post on social media for a client, I could NOT find here at Elements (Im also a subscriber/user). Then I had the ideia of designing myself.

Got too many rejections.

Still waiting for an answer.

Someone can help or explain why?

Elements Support team, maybe?