I am new here. Where can I see the reason or why my itens got rejected?

Hi everyone. I am new here.

I sell assets online since 2013. But here, yeah, I am a newbie in Envato and Elements. I made some graphics and objects and got my first approvals in Elements and they are selling very well. After uploading a few more following the same structure and quality, everything I send is rejected. Without suggestions

  1. Where can I see the reason or why my items got rejected?

  2. Where can I see what kind of content they want or where can I improve?

  3. Where should I upload illustrations JPG? (I sell it a lot in shutterstock)

I just see a basic message that I cannot reupload it again.

Thanks and sorry if I am new…


Hi! You can show preview of your rejected items here. Other authors will be happy to point out your mistakes

How can I do it? Screenshot of the review page? Or sharing the cover image?

Not a screenshot. Preview Image

The previous items was rejected but has the same structure and quality.
This one was accepted and sells frequently.
Captura de Tela 2021-11-18 às 18.57.28

Did you see it? The cover is above!


Any feedback?