Hard Rejected on Element


Is there the same?

So many hard rejections without having to be soft ones?

It’s been so hard lately.
Has anyone got any reason relevant to this issue,

And how to get the best solution…

Does envato Element really have a new rule in the category of works that must be uploaded?

Can you share here?


This may be because the file format in the design is an error, such as text can not be edited (so curves) or something else that damages the aesthetics of the file package, even though your design actually meets the standards.

So many authors with the same issue waiting for an official answer… This is getting weird :thinking: @BenLeong


Take a look at all the files in the package, the newest ones can all be edited according to the preview image

Hopefully there will be good news and a solution to this problem soon @BenLeong

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Still no explanation. Envato team just keeps ignoring the authors. Very demotivating…

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There are many authors who have this confusing problem. We need some help and clarification. Obviously the responses seem hopeless. @BenLeong


Aren’t the projects accepted for Envato Market published directly in Elementst if we allow them?

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