Unfair Review Process

Hello everyone, I have many author friends that I know here, we talk to them and we keep in touch constantly. Our opinion on Elements review times is “Totally Unfair” Today is day 18 for my design for a simple flyer and it still hasn’t been reviewed. I’m talking to other authors they have 7-10-12 days maximum review time. I think elements aims to monetize the same authors, isn’t that great? In the past, envato was at the top of the list for me and it started to drop day by day, and now at the end of the queue, if I don’t get feedback about my work within 2 days, I will remove all my works in Envato. I think this is a valid reason! The poor quality works have increased considerably, the content bonus has been removed, the help systems do not work, the ticket I opened 20 days ago still has not been answered (Elements preview files are not working. Many authors are experiencing this problem). Me and many authors like me are escaping to other platforms. Our most important capital is time! Envato spends it, wears it out, wears it out. I really don’t need such stress and waste of time. It is quite difficult to continue my work among the same, sloppy and low quality jobs. I believe the quality of Envato has gone down and this marketplace is now discredited! For me it’s at the end of the list and I will close the envato page for my career.


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Don’t give up mate - there may be various reasons why review times have gone beyond their usual review periods


And when you might consider just how many themes/designs/music files and everything else they receive every day it must be a headache keeping up with it all.

No worries mate because envato is over for me. I make high quality assets for years. I cant deal with this low quality reviewer platform any more :slight_smile: I’ve been waiting for a review for 25 days. This is just a flyer design :slight_smile: I’ve given up and I’m removing all my best projects and uploading them to other platforms. I don’t want to waste time. I don’t want to be in a market whose quality is decreasing day by day.


The review times have already gotten out of hand. everyone can see this. Envato needs to do something about it. Anyone in the world (designer or not, experienced or not.) can upload work to this site. So they kind of steal the time and potential money of the original-full-time-designers (people who already have woks on this site and upload regularly). Here Envato needs to take a step and set up a separate procedure for reviewing external uploads and even new authors. The important thing for us is time, we earn money from our time on all platforms. Envato has been a priority platform for me for a long time, but I think the same way and consider prioritizing other platforms where I can get my time’s worth. Also not to mention the earnings. The drop in elements after the removal of the content bonus in recent months is horrible. And in addition to the decrease of these earnings, when you see the long review times, this platform is starting to lose all its credibility and this is very sad. I hope envato considers taking a step in these problems.



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Still having unfair review. Getting high quality content rejected. And I can also see other content like mine being approved today and yesterday, using the “Sort by New” to filter fresh uploads.

Still without an explanation. Not event a basic feedback like sometimes the review team used to do.