Register for EuroTour Now!



Good to hear, going to check flights schedule…


Hey All. Yes, everything will be based in English. During the event if we have volunteers to help translate it helps those who cannot speak English very well.


Any eta for venues for belgrade?


Hey there! Tell me. I want to register on the event but I get this error :confused:
10 June: Moscow, Russia


The same problem. But the reference opened with the phone


June is coming fast, any news on the venues, we would like to reserve the hotel near by and are still waiting. For us the tour in question is Belgrade…


Thanks, helped :slightly_smiling_face:


NOOO! Just realised I’m away till the 6th of June, so I’ll miss the London meet up…AGAIN! :frowning:

Hopefully we can still meet up unofficially with authors at some point? Keep us posted anyways on how it went! :smiley:


Hello everyone!)
I have a question: can i bring a friend with me? He isn’t registered, but he’s a great musician with big interest in royalty free music)


Very Exciting. :slight_smile:


Hello! I registered for the meeting but I got on the waiting list, what does this mean? I really want to get to the event in Kiev and is there an opportunity to bring my partner-my wife?



We’re currently at capacity for what our venue can accommodate in Kiev. We are working on a larger venue at the moment but until we can confirm one, we have closed registrations for the event and are asking people to join the waitlist.

We hope to know very soon what options we have for larger venues.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We do still have room in the following cities:

5 June: London, United Kingdom
7 June: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8 June: Berlin, Germany
14 June: Belgrade, Serbia
18 June: Bucharest, Romania


Hey, any meetup in Italy this year? Thank you :slight_smile:


This is awesome. Kiev is waiting :wink:


Nice :slight_smile: Where do you come to italy ?1


As I see in Ukraine is the biggest community) Should be great afterparty! If somebody finally find some place)


No meetup in italy this EuroTour but we hope to be back again in the near future! Our time in Padova last year was great and we really appreciated all the effort our hosts put into making that event so amazing. We were told that Italians go to the beach in June so while we are baking in the sun in a meetup venue, we hope our Italian friends are enjoying the beaches and the spritz.


hey everyone! The venues are confirmed and we’ve expanded Kiev and Moscow to accommodate the number of registrations. Kiev has already filled up but there is still room at all our other events for more authors.

We’ve also posted the schedule to all events so you can see what we’re planning to do.

Dates and Registration

5 June: London, United Kingdom
7 June: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8 June: Berlin, Germany
10 June: Moscow, Russia
14 June: Belgrade, Serbia
18 June: Bucharest, Romania


@soundbay Me too with same question :wink: Let’s go together :wink:


For Kiev, waiting list is enabled now. Check this thread: