EuroTour is Coming!

This coming June, we’re sending a number of Envatians on the long journey from Australia to Europe for EuroTour 2018!

This year, we’ve got a few cities in mind that we’d like to visit. We’re looking for authors who would be willing to host a EuroTour meetup and help us plan a great day for local authors.

Here’s where we’re planning to be:

London, United Kingdom
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
Moscow, Russia
Kiev, Ukraine
Belgrade, Serbia
Bucharest, Romania

If you’d like to be a host, here’s your next steps:

Hosting a Eurotour meetup is a huge opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and peers, gain and share experiences and lay the foundation for future collaborations. Plus, you’ll get all the support and tools you need to host an awesome meetup from the Author Engagement team at Envato.

Even if you’re not in one of the cities listed above, you can still host a meetup in your local city at any time! Here’s what you need to do to host your own Meetup.


Wow! It is very cool!
How can I get to the Envato Meetup in Moscow?

When Envato team will come to Asia ?

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Great news!
Look forward for meeting EnvatoTeam!

Really cool, unfortunately nothing close to me

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This is so thrilling) Can’t wait for a meetup in Kiev :+1:t2:



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Hey guys

Maybe you can synchronise the EuroTour in Belgrade with Wordcamp ?

Like you did for Paris last year.

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Great news! 4 hours and I was in Moscow:)

We are waiting for you in Kiev! The people of Kiev are very hospitable :slight_smile:


Will be glad to meet you in Kiev :ukraine: :hugs:


very cool!

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Awesome stuff! Will certainly be there! Hopefully @KingDog and @matthewcoxy will join! There are a few important things to discuss! :smile::fist_right::beers::fist_left::smile:


great news! :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish :smiley:


We will be at WordCamp Europe. :slight_smile:

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Wow! :love_you_gesture: Kiev, Ukraine, finally! Good news! :+1:


Yes, James, I figured

But I meant to say is, last year EuroTour Paris was on 14 June, and Wordcamp Europe was starting at Paris on 15 June - so there was a nice sync ( unfortunately, personally did not make it to wordcamp europe last year, but made it to euro tour paris )

It would be awesome if it would be the same nice sync this year. So, for example, Eurotour Belgrade 13 June, WordCamp Europe June 14-16, Belgrade, Serbia

@ZoomIt that’s currently the plan if it all works out. there are a lot of events around WordCamp Europe so we want to make sure that we aren’t competing with them and give authors the opportunity to get around to as many networking opportunities as possible.

We’ll have more details in the coming weeks about our format, specific dates, etc., as hosts come on board. thanks for the great feedback!

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