Announcing Envato EuroTour 2017

I am so excited to announce that EuroTour 2017 is on! From June 6 to 19, members of the Envato team will be in Europe visiting eight different meetups. A huge thank you to all the authors who have agreed to host meetups and help us make this possible.

We’ve got a post up on the Community Blog and you can read all about what we’re planning there.

Here are the dates and cities we’ll be in:

June 6: Rotterdam
June 8: Kraków
June 9: Ljubljana
June 10: Padua
June 11: Berlin
June 13: Stockholm
June 15: Paris
June 19: London

We’ll have a lot more in the coming weeks but for now, head over to the community blog and RSVP for the event closest to you. We’d love to meet you in person!

I put together a very well produced and carefully thought out video (:wink:) to get you as excited as we are.

Now, one of the things every road trip / EuroTour needs is a bit of music. So, we’ve created a public playlist on Spotify (did you know they started in Stockholm?!) and we’re asking you to help build out the playlist. Pick your favourite road trip or EuroTour song and add it to the list.

There’s only one rule, you can only pick one song each. The honour code applies. :slight_smile:

Europe, here we come!


Nice! We’re excited too :sunglasses:

Oops, only one song each! Oh well, Marie chose one and I chose the other… and the third… well, a respectable EuroTour deserves to have at least one Europe song so I’ll throw in my “honour” for the team :wink:

Looking forward to meet you guys, travel safe!


O & M


Kraków!!! 300 km but I don’t care! I have to be there!


Does Envato Staff coming to Europe or just authors from region?

From the announcement:

From June 6 to 19, members of the Envato team will be in Europe visiting eight different meetups.


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See you in Krakow :slight_smile:

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If next year this will be in Zagreb, I’ll be there…

I’ll try to join you in Kraków. But it is possible to hold a meeting in Kiev next year. This is an ancient and very beautiful city! :slight_smile:

There is an event in kiev in just a week or two. check it out here.

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We can postpone it to sometime June or gather another one if “Envato” team could join

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hey, can I join in your trip?

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Awesome! See you soon in Italy!

Nobody from Envato in Bucharest on 19 May?

See you in Kraków!!

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Oh… I’m gonna miss this because of schedule conflicts… damnt…

looking forward to meet you guys in Padua :slight_smile:

hope to hear you talk about why your customer support dont reply.

Hi @melodrama ! Are you coming to Kraków? :slight_smile:

Ні @RedOctopus! Unfortunately I can not come, the problem with obtaining a visa. Maybe next time.

For those who come to Rotterdam: I have updated info and added a meeting plan. Check out the place :slight_smile:

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