News from Europe...?

Hey hey all!

I’ve just been seeing that Envato recently held meetups in Moscow, Russia and other cities in Europe and word through our author grapevine is that many people got excited by a lot of news shared there!

I’ve always been super interested in what happens at these things, and since I’ve never been to a meetup myself (I think an Australian meetup is long overdue!) I was wondering how it all actually went.

Was really cool to see some of the event clips shared here also pics and I was struggling to follow along in the Russian authors’ section forum ( Приезжайте в Москву!) but could only get as far as what Google translate offered me, which is obviously not the best.

But it looks like Russian Envato social media is teeming with updates! Have you seen here?

Looks like news about Elements (which I’m anxiously awaiting!). Review changes (No more queues!?) and a new vetting process… coming in only 1-2 years though which feels a bit far off but hey it’s all VERY interesting stuff to say the least…

So my question is, where are any English announcements about all this? Or when can we expect them? Apologies if I missed the memo, was there a video somewhere? Maybe I should just learn Russian LOL!

To any authors who made it to these Eurotour meet ups - Anything else you learned? I’m super keen to know what Envato has in store for the future.



Can you elaborate a bit on this intriguing part? Thank you. :slight_smile:

On the links provided by AurusAudio there are few short videos from the Envato meetup in Moscow. On one of those there is a short mention about instant uploading or something like that from James from Envato team (He is the guest there) . That’s it. Watch the videos

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I thought the videos were completely in Russian language (which I don’t understand), so I skipped them a bit too fast.

Nice to hear some hints about future development. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Hey hey! We are planning an update for everyone. News will be out soon.


Hello, @jamesgiroux !

I was glad to meet and communicate with you and many authors in Moscow and I hope you have only pleasant impressions of Russia.
I will be happy to attend such an event in a year!

And of course, the community of authors is looking forward to a nice badge for visiting the meetup. :grinning:

@AurusAudio I would have written everything, but I use the online translator. I’m afraid that you will misunderstand everything that I’m going to write here. It’s better to wait until @jamesgiroux explains everything, or some author with good English will write here :slight_smile:

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