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This June, we’re making our way from Australia to Europe for EuroTour 2018!

EuroTour is a special opportunity to spark big movements, give rise to great ideas, inspire your future work as a leader in the industry - and even develop lifelong friendships or collaborations!

This year, we’re trying out a new style of EuroTour Meetup, which will be held in two parts; a presentation session and an afterparty!

We hope this format will enable Authors to attend around their other commitments, by giving them the choice to attend the full meetup or one of the sessions.

EuroTour Meetup Schedule

2:00pm - 9:00pm: Full EuroTour Meetup

Or, select either:

2:00pm - 5:00pm: Presentations and Open Discussion

7:00pm - 9:00pm: Afterparty

You’ll be prompted to opt-in to the session/s you can attend during registration.

Dates and Registration

5 June: London, United Kingdom
7 June: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8 June: Berlin, Germany
10 June: Moscow, Russia
13 June: Kiev, Ukraine
14 June: Belgrade, Serbia
18 June: Bucharest, Romania

Attending a EuroTour meetup is a great opportunity to connect with your local Envato community!

Envato’s Author Engagement Lead @jamesgiroux will be attending each EuroTour Meetup, along with WordPress Developer @aaronrutley!

In addition, some of our remote staff will be attending their local EuroTour meetups and there’ll be other Envatians attending WordCamp EU in Belgrade. Read more about the Envatians attending EuroTour on the Author Hub.

If you want more information on why Meetups are important, head over to the Author Hub and read this article on building an offline community culture!

EuroTour is Coming!

9pm?! In the highly unlikely event I manage to attend any of these, I shall be insisting upon an after-afterparty!


Great news, Mini_Lou, thanks


Registered for Belgrad :slight_smile:


Exciting stuff! I hope a lot of people can attend :grin:


@RedOctopus @boomopera @SFmusic so Kiev or Berlin?


Ha just noticed that after-party finishes at 9 pm. I hope we gonna have after-after-after party :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that trip to Kiev would be very inspiring but way more complicated than Berlin :slight_smile: @boomopera and @SFmusic are you going with us? Time to meet again my dear colleagues from office :wink:


We are not limited to just one destination no? :))))


Will Belgrade EuroTour be in same place with WCEU? Otherwise we would need to pick between 2 events?


Belgrade Eurotour happens the Thursday, WordCamp is on Friday/Saturday. We’ve tried to make it easy and economical for authors to attend both by keeping it really close together.

however, in past years, there have been many events on the Friday night so we try to do ours on the Thursday so authors can go to many more events and meet many people.


Hell yeah, Kiev or/and Berlin sounds good to me, it looks like its gonna be packed as well… @OlexandrIgnatov bro you coming ? ;))

Monthly Rollup | April 2018

Right, thanks for clarification :slight_smile: will be there for sure!


Most probably I’ll be there :wink:


hi! sorry, I am a newbie in Envato meetups…

I already registered. received e-mail. sooooo what’s next? when we will have more info? about place of meeting for example.))


So it looks like me, @boomopera, @ShymonMusic and maybe @SFmusic are going on a trip to Kiev! Maybe somebody from Poland wants to go there with us?

@jamesgiroux do you know that chicken jelly is also a traditional dish in Ukraine? (Am I right guys?). James you might live through that again!


I think you guys should take him out for golonka this time instead. Much less scary that chicken jelly :smiley:


Especially on Christmas)
Chicken jelly makes me sick :nauseated_face:


Sorry for stupid question, but what language will be used during tour in each country? English, or country’s official language?

I’d love to join Kiev (because I like Ukraine very much), but I can only understand very basic stuff in Russian (and don’t understand Ukrainian)


@phpmillion I believe that @jamesgiroux might have some problems with Russian (me and my friends either) so I’m sure you’ll have some English language partners in Kiev :wink: