Refunds for no reason

Hi everyone,

I have accepted the 4th refund for this month today and I am really upset about it, the reasons are ridiculous from most of them or can’t be called reasons at all. I have accepted around 20 refund requests from the start. I truly believe there can be mistakes from the customers, where most of them are really worth working for, but I believe there are tons of scammers who really uses refund only to get a single copy(They does not care about the license, support or the updates).

I would highly suggest to make major changes about the refund. My suggestion would be that everyone who asks for a refund will take only 50% of the money. That would eliminate a lot of scammers and will really bring more joy at authors, which are really in stress about the refund thing. I would list some of the refunds which I found really annoying. I would like to hear any suggest from you guys.


I agree that there are a lot of clients asking for refund just to remain with the item and also with the money, because Envato refund policy is not well done :frowning:

Now, As I see on your first screenshot, your client has not downloaded the item, this means it didn’t used it. In this case I think you should approve the refund.

Always check this first of all before approve a refund.

Then, check this Envato page: Can I Get A Refund? so when a customer asks for refund with no real reason just give him the Can I get a refund url :slight_smile:

Hey ThemeSLR,

That sounds really a good thing, I have never saw it huh. I am a bit confused about declining the refund, can they rate with 1 star after asking for a refund?

Just checked all the refunds, that was the only refund with no download lol.

If the client provides 1 star review for not providing a refund you should submit a ticket to Envato to remove the review.

Of course if you are right and the refund does not need to be done(This is the case when the client tries to be a scammer and remain with the item and money) without providing real reason of asking for refund :slight_smile:

That sounds a good idea but it’s pretty hard to know if the client is telling the truth or not, the suggestion I’ve told before would kick the scammers out or a similar solution.

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Yes, I too disappointed refunds system. All my companions, too many returns from fraudsters. This is impeding work. Buyer must provide evidence for a refund (photo or video). I believe that this must be a prerequisite.

While I like your idea (over 1000 purchases we have only ever refunded 3 items which are beyond broken), but as you said there are some people who are genuine and im not sure that envato could punish them because of the less authentic ones.

Also in some cases (I could be wrong but remember something about this in previous threads) there may be legal entitlement (even with digital goods) to refunds within a certain timeframe.

Yes charlie4282 Of course, the buyer must be returned if the sum of the goods does not work. I believe that the need to modify the system of refunds. The buyer has more opportunities to return. What the seller to protect your goods. Again I repeat. Perhaps the buyer will have to provide evidence (screenshots or videos). This returns the system exists on Aliexpress Store :slight_smile: