Hi, I don’t know what I purchased, the different products are too complicated. I thought I was buying a subscription for simple instagram stories that I can edit in canva. Turns out nothing can be edited in canva if its AI, EPS, PSD file format. This was my only purchase reason. I immediately cancelled the subscription and requested someone contact me about my cancellation but this has not occurred. Thei organisation really needs better disclosure about the skill set/software required to buy/use your software. I am so confused between elements, themeforest etc. I used your products a long time ago when they were more consumer friendly and you would just pay for credits and have easy to download website templates. I trusted the product would still be user friendly and got lumped with a one year USD membership that I will not use because I am not a developer and do not have adobe etc. YOur help is needed to refund the money ASAP please. I cannot find an area to easily contact you other than this forum.

The delay in them responded back, is due to the holidays and hopefully you will be contacted back today by them! The rating and review system is designed to offer feedback for the product and vendor!

You’d need to contact elements support.

In the interest of fairness - the subscription package and cost is clearly outlined in the purchase process, however, support will be the right person to help.

Out of interest - given that all items list the software required to use it, what could/should envato do to make it clearer? How can an author determine a skill set level to use different items?

No one wishes to see anyone have a bad experience, but it is also fair to assume some level of basic knowledge of what a buyer plans to do.

Thank you to both people that replied, all sorted now and will find a way to close/delete this post. I am going to call the envato business phone number during business hours since this does not seem to be the correct forum based on the first reply and second reply.

No issues with the subscription fee at all, its the lack of use I will personally get because I was not aware that software would be needed to adjust things like instagram templates which are sold by many third party providers (outside envato) as downloadable templates that can be edited in canva. My feedback for disclosure is a minor statement before “buy” that states - you acknowledge that you may need the following software xxx, xxx, xxx, to use these products, that’s all.

Thanks all.

There is no phone support for envato - that won’t work.

You should send a message using this link Envato Elements Help and Support