Accidentially committed to a yearly subscription

Hello everyone,

I have a really important upcoming university presentation and decided that I need some assets and a decent powerpoint template. Since I already knew Envato and used Envato Market, I thought giving Elements a try might be worth it.
I signed into my already existing envato account and completed the checkout process. I proceeded to download the necessary powerpoint presentation templates and the a few illustrations. I just now realized after checking my PayPal Account that I accidentally purchased the yearly subscription and not as intended the monthly one. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t realize that when purchasing.

That being said, 207€ is way to much for me and I can’t really afford that, I am hoping to get a refund for my subscription. I know that the licenses expire after I cancel the subscription, but I really only wanted a 1 month subscription.

I’m already opened a support request, but I’m somewhat panicking so I’m hoping here might be someone to get in contact with

Thank you in advance!

please keep patience and get in touch with support. Support team will reply you as quickly they can. Thanks