I’m having a problem with Envato. While buying 2 themes I got a prompt from Envato to purchase Envato’s Unlimited subscription for $16.50 per month, giving me access to unlimited themes etc. I purchased one year subscription thinking I would get to download the wordpress theme and also required plugins. I want now that I have an unlimited access subscription. ( Rehub Theme [ ] and 2nd Urna Theme ( )) Turns out these themes are not included in the themes I now have access to. I am now thoroughly frustrated as I need these specific themes for my projects. If I buy these themes separately it defeats the purpose of having an unlimited subscription. So I’ve been reaching out to Envato team before but they not reply, and now trying to get a refund. I need help resolving this matter urgently so I can purchase the new theme I need and get on with my projects. I’m very disappointed with envato’s lack of urgency.

if subscription not for every themes or plugins then why a popup force users to buy envato subscriptions to download unlimited products on every page.

Hi, Envato Elements does not include every item from Envato makretplaces. But in the next 12 months you never know what can be useful for you.
Why not browse over 1800+ themes and Plugins, and try to find the best alternative?

then why this popup came over all products, simple i want my refund because i am not a developer or not running any forms for build website. so it is not use full for me.


Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


no reply till now even one ticket raised on 30th April & ticket number is 1907461. can you please tell me that if i not download a single product til now? can i get my money refund because this subscription not for my use and seriously envato mislead my by showing unlimited download popup.

i am socked, why they have not any live support

If you open the help ticket in envato elements support then please give them time to get back to you. Currently they are overloaded with open tickets and weekend now. Thanks

It’s weekend, be patient someone will help you during Monday.