Envato Elements Annual Refund.

I’m having a problem with Envato. While buying a theme I got a prompt from Envato to purchase Envato’s Unlimited subscription for $29 per month, giving me access to unlimited themes etc. I purchased this subscription thinking I would get to download the wordpress theme I want now that I have an unlimited access subscription. ( http://themes.muffingroup.com/be/carpenter2/) Turns out this theme is not included in the themes I now have access to. I am now thoroughly frustrated as I need this specific theme for a project. If I buy this theme separately it defeats the purpose of having an unlimited subscription. So I’ve been reaching out to Envato for three the past days, trying to get a refund. They are yet to confirm they will refund me the $29 + tax I paid for their subscription. I need help resolving this matter urgently so I can purchase the new theme I need and get on with my project. I’m very disappointed with envato’s lack of urgency to return my my. HELP!!! My receipt is attached. [Removed]!

Just to be clear - the monthly Subscription would not entitle you to any WP theme or plugins - that requires an annual subscription.

Did you contact support or elements support? https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/222651768-Submit-a-Support-Ticket

How long ago did you message them?


I’ve been messaging Envato since Saturday morning (2/3/2018) and if they had simply refunded the amount I would have had the money to buy the theme I need for this time sensitive project i’m working on. That was the initial intention…to buy this one theme. So if they have seen from my multiple emails that I bought a subscription that won’t give me access to them theme I need, why not refund me my money? Seriously, why is Envato not responding to my request for a refund for a product that is clearly not helpful to me? I needed to finish this website by last night, but I couldn’t because I had not more money to buy another theme. I need Envato to refund my purchase so I can buy the theme I need. I already cancelled the subscription since it’s of no use to me. I cannot afford an annual subscription either and I need to finish my project ASAP. Yes I communicated my request using the envato elements link. This is very frustrating, not everyone has spare cash, I needed them to be more responsive to my need for an urgent issuance of my refund.

Hey there @Nekelew0,

Sounds like you’ve had a rough time. I’m sorry to hear it.

The support team should be replying to you very soon if they haven’t already. Rest assured, they are working as hard as they can to get to your ticket. Feel free to send me your ticket number and I’d be happy to follow up for you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sounds like they’ve already responded and provided a refund. I’m going to mark this one as solved.

Also, please note that the library of items on Envato Market and Envato Elements are both different. Just because a WordPress theme is sold on Market does not automatically mean that the item will also be available on the Elements subscription.


Hi Matthew,

I also just submitted my own thread to request for a refund:

I feel really silly about this and am currently kicking myself. But I have been an avid Video Hive and Audio Jungle customer for years as it’s been immensely helpful for my video producing needs. And today, while searching for video elements, I saw the deceiving button up top that reads, “go unlimited”. Like a dummy, I clicked and purchased. Thinking that I was signing up for unlimited Envato Market. Didn’t realize Elements was entirely different thing. I don’t have money to throw around like that and even though I cancelled my subscription within moments, I was still charged the $228. Charged for a service I won’t use at all. As a long time customer, it would mean a lot to me if you could help me get this refund. Thank you!


It happens!

I can’t make a call on a refund from here, but you reach out to support like @Nekelew0 did, they’ll look into it and be able to make a decision.

Although note that VideoHive is coming to elements soon… :wink:

Let me know how you go.

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I too have done the same thing.

Signed up to get a particular theme and ended up on the wrong service and now from this thread I have just learned that I need to buy annually.

Have sent a support request, so will see how that goes.

The sign up process needs to be clearer!

This is not a criticism - just a genuine query.

When people go to elements and try to sign up (regardless of if they go direct or via another marketplace). To do so they will always see this screen. https://elements.envato.com/pricing


Short of putting some kind of inconsistent or degrading, flashing arrow or box around the WordPress access, how else could they make it any more obvious or easy?


I feel your pain. I’ve made two purchases from Envato and deeply regret it. The first was a beautiful theme from one of their vendors that it turns out wasn’t functional–it was an HTML-only template that used a Wordpress theme as a demo. I shelled out another $60 for the Wordpress theme and can’t get a single word of support on the Wordpress theme.

There’s nobody to talk to at Envato about what’s going on. I basically feel like they’re throwing up just about anything they can make a commission off of, no matter how honest the advertising really is, or how good the support is, and once the money is out of the buyer’s account, well, too bad for the buyer. I’m deeply disappointed in the experience, and out almost $100 so far.

Hey @markaaronky,

Happy to see if I can’t help you out. Do you want to DM me the name of the product and the ID # for any open support tickets you might have?

It’s very unusual that an author doesn’t reply to support queries, but when it does happen we absolutely want to know about it.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for reaching out. There are two products. I bought the $18 Oshine web template package based on the demo provided, only to find out that the web template is html-only and the demo it uses actually requires the $59 Oshine Wordpress template.

They aren’t assigning me ticket numbers. It has just been week after week after week of emails where the person on the other end clearly doesn’t understand what I am telling them; even the most basic of questions, asked 3 or 4 times in separate emails, are left unanswered. I can forward some of the frustrating email exchanges if it would help explain what is going on.

Basically I am out about $80 and am just PLEADING with the vendor to answer basic questions like “which page do I edit to make this work like your template?” and I cannot get an answer out of them. They keep saying things like “oh, I see it’s working fine now.”

If this had been a credit card transaction, I would be disputing it right now. As it is, it is PayPal, and I’m afraid my $80 is lost and I have nothing to show for it.


Can you please reach out to our Envato Support team first?

They’ll be the best placed to assist you.

I did something stupid, I did not find the template I need, please return my money, I do not download anything, My support ticket (22015). This is a very tricky reception, I very well buy on envato. I believe that you will return my money

Me too! I thought the theme “Oshine” was in elements.envato because i see the Ad on Top of themeforest Page when i wanted to buy the Theme directly (as I´ve ever done before). So i subscribe and look around in the catalog.
But it´s not! So i don’t need elements.envato but need my money back for buying the theme “Oshine” for giving the $76.63 right now.

@markaaronky can you help, please? It´s urgent now.
My Support Number is 23432

Thanks in Advance

I didn’t get a refund oligoform so probably would not be the best help. I am sorry for what you are going through. I did have to push really hard through their support in order to get my problem solved (they were able to get things working for me, but it did require the intervention of a supervisor). My advice is to be persistent. Best of luck to you!

I seem to have the same problem but on my screen the first line goes “63,000+ video templates & stock footage”, only to find out after the payment that I cannot download the item I need.
The refund link does not show my subscription, how can I ask for a refund?

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Hi Matthew Coxy, I, too, purchased a year subscription after mistakenly believing the Word Press theme I demoed was under the Elements section. It’s only been an hour or two since I did this. I haven’t downloaded anything. Would you kindly help me get a refund so I can purchase the themes I’d like to buy? btw - the links above to the Envato Support team and the Support Ticket are broken. Thanks for the help, Matthew,

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Hi, you can submit your ticket there: https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Same thing happened to me. I prepaid for a year! Now I’m stuck with a $200 charge to my cc and no WP themes that I want. It was very misleading. I submitted a ticket earlier - waiting to hear back on my refund. I guess I’ll just purchase the themes individually if I receive the refund.


I’m also having the same issue. The whole process felt very misleading and I unfortunately landed myself in the year long subscription that is of no use to any of the projects I’m working on. Now time is ticking away while I’m meant to be working, instead I’m waiting on a response for my ticket. I wish they had live chat like GoDaddy / Squarespace.

Hopefully I get my refund.

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