Refund requests for "mistaken purchases"

Lately I have seen a larger number of refund requests having the motivation of:

“wrong purchase, I wanted to buy something else”

“please refund, I mistakely purchased your item instead of another item with the same functionality”

“I bought your item instead of a similar one I wanted to buy”

Buyers who buy the item, the item has no bugs, but still they pretend they bought the item by mistake, they remain with the digital good and then, you, the author, you find your item on warez websites.

What should be the approache for buyers like these?

Why the buyers do not have ratings, like the authors? This way we could recognize them easier.


This case is not covered by refund policies. Tell them that there is nothing you can do about it and that’s it.
There are a lot of ‘crafty/slick/sly’ buyers on the market. I’ve meet lot of them in WP category.


I like this, that would even the playing field a bit.

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I had a lot of requests like these lately.
If you don’t refund them, they seek revenge and they leave false negative reviews.
And the new buyers are influenced by these reviews :frowning:

You can easily report those that do such things to Envato and they will get terminated. Envato does not approve / condone / accept blackmail. I’ve personally had buyers do such things and they were disabled. I can assure you, that you are backed up in case you are blackmailed! Cheers!


I receive a lot of these requests, I never accept them.
When they say they wanted to buy the WordPress version of a jQuery plugin I then ask to purchase the WordPress version, send me the purchase code and then I refund the jQuery version.


Sure, in that case it makes sense :slight_smile: