Refund Request

I received an email saying that since I raised a refund request, I was being locked out of my account. The author was nonresponsive to the defects in the theme I purchased that made it unusable so I asked for a refund.
Envato locked me out of my account.

Is that to discourage refund requests?

Raised a refund request with envato (in envato sysem) should not locked your account. Maybe you have placed a Disputes lodged with payment agents.


When no one from Envato or the author responded to my support questions or my refund request, then yes, I disputed the charge with my credit card company. Penalizing me for a bad author who is selling a defective product is just a crappy business/customer relations move.

You asked the refund from the author - they may reject the request, after that, you supposed to contact Envato support for the investigation/refund. Because of you didn’t go through with Envato way to solve the problem, after charge-backs, your account is blocked and you won’t be able to take it back.

If you create a new account, you may have the same issue as well as your information is on the black-list now.

PS: Envato support is slow and you had to be patient.

In forum you will not get a solution. You should Get in touch with Envato Market Support ASAP via this link

In the ‘Tell us more’ dropdown select:
‘My account is locked’


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I sent, like, six emails to Envato asking them for help. They always sent me back to the author who was being nonresponsive.

Again, a crappy way to do business and skit responsibility. Why would I create a new account with a company that does business this way? That will never happen. Envato is a convenience, not a requirement.

I wasn’t looking for a solution. I was asking if this was how this company works. Apparently it is from the feedback I’ve received so far.

Right or wrong it’s only like this to limit/prevent fraud, and you did agree to it when signing up/buying items from here.

It’s not a criticism because you are far from the only person who has experienced this and found themselves frustrated, but why does anyone agree to how things work if they feel it is such bad practice or shouldn’t be allowed?

I never agreed to Envato not responding after I followed THEIR rules. Once they failed to respond or handle their author, all bets were off as far as I am concerned.

LIke I said previously, they’re a convenience, not a requirement.

I didn’t find their agreement bad practice; I find their behavior bad practice. There’s a difference.

The support has to wait 10-14 working days from the author a respond before they take an action. They cannot do anything without confirming with the author.

It was over a month since I made my dispute.

Envato has a very strange support system. I am able to receive their messages but have never been able to revert back as my responses get blocked at their end [screenshot attached]. End result will happen that they will close my dispute due to lack of response.

@Envato If you can see it, please assist with request #3531157 else I will look for some advice from fellow members.

It’s probably your Outlook settings or the ticket you’re trying to reply has been closed.

Try to create a new one by providing the details for the previous ticket ID.

Will try this option. Thanks ki-themes.