locked account - envato refuses to unlock

Hello - I have been an envato customer for a long while without any problems with themes / purchases. I purchased a theme last month which simply did not work - it would not fail on upload no matter what i tried. I tried to contact the author - no reply so i requested a refund of the item from Envato. Also no reply. So i had no choice but to dispute the charge with my credit card company. THEN I finally get a response from Envato that I have to cancel the dispute otherwise and my account is locked until I do so. I explained that I tried to contact both the author and Envato’s refund department with no response about the faulty theme, however they are still refusing to unlock my account and access to the hundred of dollars worth of items I have been happy with and my APIs are no longer working. I have a legitimate complaint about a product I purchased and cannot use, I went through the proper channels and because I got no response, had to take alternate action. And rather that provide support, all my other products are being held hostage until I cancel a legitimate dispute?

Cancel the dispute and keep on to support until they issue a refund or the author fixes the issue. If it’s genuinely not working as it should then they should issue you a refund.


Adding on to what @SpaceStockFootage said - please keep in mind that the Envato support team gets thousands of requests, so it can take a few days for them to respond to your request. The same goes for the item author - many theme authors are working solo or they sell themes as a side job, this means they can’t reply right away. Hopefully if you cancel your dispute Envato can contact the item author to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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It’s stated that in T&C -30 Disputes lodged with payment agentsand Envato has rights to terminate your account. Contact your bank and cancel the dispute

I suppose i have no choice but to cancel it because they are holding all my other items hostage, however i waited over two weeks for a response and didn’t receive anything, however when i finally filed the dispute, i received communication instantly and they are quick to respond that i have to cancel the dispute, but slow to respond to fix my problem. doesn’t seem very fair or good customer service.

Just to clarify - did you actually contact Envato, or only open a refund request? Refund requests go to the author of the item, and if they don’t reply within 5 days, you can dispute it with Envato.

yes- this is what i did. i opened a refund request, waited at least 5 days and then emailed Envato support without any reply for another week or so.