Refund request ticket is stuck?

I requested a refund 2 weeks ago for an item on photodune and received a request to send proof (pictures, videos) - which I did promptly. After that, I waited for a week and heard nothing back. After sending another mail, I got the response that my ticket is being forwarded to check what’s going on. That was a week ago. Is this normal?

Hi @dreikelvin,

You should get a response.

You can check this:

How do refunds work?


Thanks! I will try to be patient.

About your link:

That’s absolutely not how it works. I have now experienced refunds from two sides: the author sides and the licensee’s side.

  1. The author side:

I have never been contacted about a refund I received on any of my items. All I saw was an email, that a refund got requested. I had no influence on the process whatsoever and it seemed to me that it was handled by a third party (Envato) until it got refunded.

  1. The licensee side:

You submit a refund request via the help page and state your reasons. 24-48 hours later, you get contacted by support and you get asked if you can elaborate further. They may request videos and pictures as proof (as it happened with me) and then it takes forever till you hear back from them. You are totally in the loop. Luckily for me, this was just about a 5$ purchase. It seems to me the priority for refunds is not the highest at Envato.
From what I can read on the forums, sometimes it can take weeks to hear anything back. I wonder if my Wetransfer links containing all the videos of the issue will still work once they get finally reviewed weeks later…

You can send a follow up email (reply the last email from the Envato support) to the support. Thanks

Done, thanks!