Refund Request Ignored | I'm Outta Here!

Envato’s Last Chance. I was recently congratulated for having passed the 5-year mark as a customer, but I’m afraid this relationship is at an end. Envato has proven itself to be less than honorable by not replying to a refund request for a poorly-constructed theme whose support by someone for whom English is not a first language made assistance impossible.

I even phoned Envato in Australia, yet it chose not to return my calls. It’s time to reveal Envato’s true colors: Untrustworthy, unwilling to stand by faulty products, players in a game in which its own rules and values are worthless. What a shame “Fraud” is not a tag option.


Refund requests go to the author, not Envato, unless you dispute the refund request. If the author has not replied within 5 days, you can dispute it with support here: Envato Help and Support

More obfuscation. My purchase, the Circle theme by Haru Themes is not listed in the drop-down menu for purchases at

Will you please issue a Ticket ID so I can post to Trust Pilot?

Michael Linder

Unfortunately I’m just a buyer like you, so I can’t do anything like that. If the purchase isn’t listed in the drop down, definitely open a Help ticket at the link below about the whole situation and they will sort it out for you ASAP.


Yes please open a Help Ticket in the link Bailey posted. Our Help team will be happy to assist. If you don’t hear back from them, or don’t receive the automatic email that lets you know the ticket was opened, please let me know. It’s possible their replies are getting blocked in your spam filter.


That’s all well and good, but since the mandatory “Choose Your Purchase” drop-down lists accessory add-ons purchased at the time that I bought the Circle theme by Haru Themes – but not the theme itself – filing such a ticket becomes impossible – and I’m beginning to think this is deliberate. More obfuscation and chicanery by Envato, since I received only yesterday an update for the Circle theme.

There is no “choose your purchase” drop down for opening a ticket, it seems you might be clicking the “Request a Refund” button. Don’t click that, scroll down past it to open a ticket:


Thank you. Request filed. Again. The form asks if I am human, My question: given its lack of response, secret email address and the subterfuge of recommended articles, I’d like to know if Envato is human or merely a skeezy vending machine in a forgotten office.

Michael Linder

What joy! Envato responds and confirms that the erstwhile Haru Themes still has my refund request pending. But! I’m required to fill out even more forms even though they have the product, proof of purchase, price, and vendor’s nonchalance about living up to his obligations. I’ve told Envato they have all they need and believe this is just another hoop to jump through on top of…

  • Getting support in indecipherable English
  • Requesting a refund
  • Waiting for a response that never came
  • Phoning Envato (no reply)
  • Writing Envato by snail mail because because they hide their email address
  • Coming here to force the issue
  • Being refused a Ticket ID for Trust Pilot

This isn’t a company, it feels more like organized Australian crime.