Refund Request approved but payment not received

5 days ago i was send a refund request and refund request approved by author.but today 5 days has been gone but i don’t receive my money.


Have you checked your statements page?

If The customer’s refund request was approved, Envato will let the customer know. The customer’s request will then be sent to Envato Help Team to be processed.

How do refunds work?


Yes sir here is the statement

from your screenshot I can see the refund amount has refunded to your card. Please check with your card provider, is there any transction there?

No sir here is my last 5 days statement
(removed image)

have you checked in Braintree, your first screenshot showing it has refunded to Braintree.

I don’t have any Braintree account Sir.

Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.

Already open a ticket but no response from envato

Card refunds are slow, you may not see it until tomorrow or Monday.

Ok i will waiting some days for arrival my money thank you envato community team!

Hlw Sir 10 days has been left but i am not receive my money :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, unfortunately if your original payment method was a card of some kind, then it can be rather slow. This is because refunds only appear in your account after they have been fully processed by the bank (as opposed to purchases which can show while pending in the form of authorizations).

The screenshot of your statement above indicates that a refund was sent back to the original payment method by Envato’s merchant, Braintree. The refund was initially sent on a weekend, and we had a US holiday this week, so it could still be pending. If the initial payment hadn’t finished processing yet, that would have delayed it even further.

If you still don’t see it in the next few days, you can reach out to your bank to check things on their side, and then contact Envato for further instruction. Don’t worry, merchants track these things like their lives depend on it, so the money will get to you one way or another.