Refund on the purchase of Envato items

Why is it so hard to get a refund on the purchase of Envato items? I purchased two items on 5/20 and asked for refund on the same 5/20 when the items do not work (Removed). This is a shady group.

Back in the days refunds were handled by Envato support, now refunds are handled by authors. You less likely have the chance to get a quick refund from an author. First make your refund request, if the author refuses to give you the refund, (meaning they’ve rejected your refund request) then you can raise a dispute directly to Envato support. Make sure you are explain the issue clearly, if you are qualified for the refund and your saying are reasonable, then you will be given with your refund. I understand its frustrating, but this is how it works.

Hello…I’m in that same boat as you. ow do I put in for a refund. The file didn’t work. Can I get a little help. Thank you


Hi @Ladyo1

This short article will help you with how to request a refund:

Thank you for responding so fast. I will follow your guidenct.’
Thank you again. :grinning:

One more question. Ware to I find the refund form?
Thank you

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Your great. Thank you so much.:grinning:

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