I want a refund.

I requested a refund for a product but was not answered. What kind of path should I follow?

It would depend on when you requested it, and for what reason, but assuming the author is not responding after a sensible period of time then you can talk to envato. Envato Market Help and Support

I’ve forwarded it to Envato, but no return for days.

When did you originally request a refund? (Weekends tend not to count in this process)

Was that via themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

No answer?

I got email from one Customer yesterday - no name, no item info, just random email from nowhere like: " i dont know how to use this. plese cancel my oder."

So I sended him links to refund request - we all know the reason like " I don’t know how to use this" is not the reason for the refund but I will accept this request if request will be submitted :slight_smile: sometimes people don’t read descriptions and are pretty surprised by the fact they should know at least basics of photoshop or illustrator to use this items hehehe :slight_smile:

I saw this topic so I shared with you guys hehe

Hey @sarp159 - Your dispute will be reviewed by the Help Team as soon as possible. They’re still recovering from the holidays, so they’re a bit backed up right now. It might take a few more days.

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It has nothing to do with it.
There is a sdk problem. The developer doesn’t even help with the comments. Not just me, a lot of people are experiencing the same error.

Support will reply ASAP - unfortunately no one here has visibility on the request but please avoid opening duplicate tickets in the meantime as that will not accelerate the matter

Hey @sarp159 i think you download that author file in that case you don’t deserve refund it is depending on author now!

@baileyherbert thank you. I’ll wait.

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@unlockdesign It’s not a visual element. Android application.