Refund on my biggest sale - without any explanation

Hi buddies,

I had a buyer making a refund on a 10 Mio. license sale of a music pack. The biggest sale I ever had.
That was quite a little shock to me and I didn’t receive a refund request for it before.

After reading the refund rules I was negatively surprised that buyers are able to make a refund up to 3 month after buying if they didn’t download the file. I don’t understand why this is possible.
A buyer of audio files has the possibility to download a preview to check out everything with the item.

The situation now is that the buyer has all items of the pack without watermark and gets the money back.

3 month!!! how crazy is that?!

Please can anybody explane to me why this is possible and why I didn’t get any information about it previously.

Thanks for your help


Hello @UJ-pro ! I think the best option is to create a support ticket (they see all the details of your sale and refund reasons).
Good luck!

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So did they download it or not? In any case, I agree, refunds on music licenses should be highly limited. 3 months with no explanation is unacceptable.

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Read this article about audio jungle refund policy the approved or not.

Customer Refund policy

Author Refund policy

If they download your item you can refuse or cancel refund if you want.


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Thanks mate! :+1:
I just did it. I’m curious what explanation will come.

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Absolutey! 24 hours should be enough for buyers who were drunk and didn’t know what the do.
As I said. You can listen to it and even download a preview before. So, no reason for a refund at all.


Thanks buddy,

whre can I see it, if it was downloaded?

Wait, isn’t refund should have been happened by the agreement of the seller? Or is it sales reversal?

Here is:


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Thanks bC!

You mean the Refunds menu on my profile page?




My last refund was for a buyer who mistakenly purchased a standard license when he needed a broadcast license. Support confirmed that he did also buy a broadcast license, so occasionally there are valid reasons to offer refunds.


This is one of the only reason when a refund can occur without the seller’s consent or dispute.
Doesn’t seem to be the case here, as it’s Udo’s “biggest sale” that was refunded.

Udo, Envato does send an email when they action a refund, are you sure this is not a sale reversal?

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That’s the positive version. :smiley::four_leaf_clover:

Reasonable? I would l laugh about it, if I had not just lost $270,00

I agree, when the item has been purchased and downloaded then there shouldn’t be the possibility of any refund without proper explanation.

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Hi my friend,

no, it is declared as a refund and I didn’t get any informations previously. Not on my profile and not via eMail.


This is crazy!

Envato failed you on this one. They owe you an explanation (as well as an apology for taking you by surprise like this).

They keep repeating that we are the sole seller when we ask for help, and then they do things like this, that prove the opposite. Their business model is so inconsistent…


Do you use TuneSat? You know, to make sure these tracks did not end up being broadcast nonetheless.

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Yes, in fact we are just the workers. The only difference is that they make the rules and we have all the responsibility.

I had a 1 month free trial on TuneSat long time ago. It was really nice. Though it’s way too expensive in relation to my earnings. At least it had been very expensive that time.

On the other hand, what could I really do if I discover my music somewhere?

They have a new kind of free plan now. It’s limited to 50 tracks, and 50 detection per month. But it’s still a pretty good deal. Monitoring the broadcast uses of your music is very important.

Contact them, and ask them to pay or threaten to sue. In most cases they will pay. It is quite a serious offense to broadcast unlicensed material.

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