My first refund..

Well… this is my first refund… I knew that this could happen soon or later… I just wanted to share my feelings… :tired_face:
Thanks goodness it’s only a standard license…

This is audio jungle customer refund policy, you can take a look on it if it will helpful for you.

This is audio jungle Author refund policy

If you get any help from it!

What were the reasons for the refund? Did you accept to refund?

Or are you talking about sale reversal, which is completely different and is a fraudulent activity.

hi @PurpleFogSound thanks! for the help
is a refund, but I don’t know the reasons yet… I’m going to ask the AJ team…

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thanks @unlockdesign :slight_smile:

Always welcome :slight_smile:

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worst nightmare :scream::scream::scream:

Well… the help team said me that the customer did a mistake selecting the license… he purchased a standard and wanted to buy a broadcast. … :open_mouth: and right now the issue is fixed.,.
the truth is that I cannot see the changes in my screen … there is no “new broadcast sale” in my statement…
I sent a photo of my statement to AJ help, but by now I have no answer to this…
Someone from the AJ team can explain that?
Or I have to open a new help ticket??
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I read something similar happening to another author recently. It turned out that the buyer had already bought the broadcast license, long before the refund was acted. So maybe this is the same thing for you? Did you sell a broadcast license on the same track, after the initial standard license sale, and before the refund?

AJ help team is doing a subpar job by not giving you more information right away, such as the date and license number of the broadcast license.

I’m afraid you will have to open a new ticket if they closed the first one. No help is to be expected on the forums.

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I have investigated a little bit, as you said @PurpleFogSound , and what you said is what exactly happened in my case! :slight_smile:
Althought I can see that the same client bought a broadcast license for the same song some days before, I can’t see the sale for the standard license.
So I’m going to open a new ticket…
thanks again!

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Thanks for the efficacy of AJ Team, they recently sent me a message, and now I’m plenty convinced!
the buyer bought a standard license of the track in may 2017 (wow, so long time ago). Then, I changed the name of the track… and recently the buyer wanted to expand the license to broadcast 1 million!
My confussion was:

  • I changed the name of the track
  • I didn’t check sales from 2017
    and now it’s solved!
    Thanks to the buyer, to want to expand the license… this means that my music was really useful and this makes me very proud and gives me courage to work harder to improve!
    Thanks to all for the help!