Refund on my biggest sale - without any explanation

Thanks! TuneSat doesn’t show the price before registration. :-1:

Their price depends on how many tracks you have and how many channels you want to monitor. In any case it’s very expensive.

But their free plan is really good, as it lets you monitor up to 50 tracks (which is perfect for you!). This tool helped me on several occasions to find about broadcast uses not matching the audience size requirement for their broadcast licenses (Broadcast 1 million, instead of a Broadcast and Film license). Each time, buyer ended getting the correct license.

Anyway, that’s a bit off topic, sorry.

Hope Envato gives you a satisfactory explanation!


Hey @PurpleFogSound! Some really useful piece of info you’re sharing here! Thank you so much!

@UJ-pro. I understand refunds (unlike reversals) have to be reviewed and approved by the author so if the pack was actually downloaded, you are in all your right to decline the refund. Best of luck with that! :fist_right::fist_left:

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Thanks! :v:

I don’t know if it’s already downloaded. Where can I see this?

If your pack was bought with stolen credit info, the refund may be possible even if the package was already downloaded.

That would result in a sale reversal, not a refund.

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This is the answer from the support:

This is to inform you that a user mistakenly purchased the larger broadcast license when they only needed the standard license.

* Username: xxxxxx

This means you would have seen a large sale, and then refund for this.

The user is using the standard license.


Are they kidding me???

I’m not sure if this is an answer on my complain or if this the usual information after a refund.

What kind of answer is that? They’re really not even trying anymore…

The lack of respect Envato have for their authors is astonishing!


“The user is using the standard license” - not buying just using or what?

You’re right PurpleFog. It was a great feeling being here when I started.
You even got help from support in the forum. Now everything is really strange.

I’ll wait untill tomorrow to see if there will come further answer on my complain.

edit: what I mean above is, that there is no standard license sale of this pack. Just the refund.

You should contact support again tomorrow and ask them to give you the date and order number, for the standard license buyer supposedly get.

That’s an understatement! :wink:

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Hi buddies,

to end this thread I wanna let you know that I calrified this issue with the support.
After some back and forth - because of no further sale of the standard license - I noticed that the customer already purchased it in September.

It is a pity, but I am satisfied with that situation now. It was hopefully the last refund. for all of us.

Thank you for your help and sympathy. :+1::kissing_heart: