What can be the reason for a sale refund (music)?

Hi there. Today I had quite an unpleasant thing, one of my tracks was returned by a customer. The most unpleasant part was that it was the Music Broadcast License (10 million). I’ve had reversals before, but they all were standard license reversals, not such big ones. Not a big loss.

I know there’s a difference between reversal and refund, as far as I understood, Envato allows refunds to customers, but reversals are viewed as fraud.

As far as I understood from this article, https://audiojungle.net/page/customer_refund_policy?_ga=2.222870555.1631131349.1608189111-469238616.1561109143, a customer must address an author first before claiming a refund. And that a refund cannot be granted simply because a customer “changed his mind”. But I was neither informed by the customer nor by Envato about the reason the customer wanted to return the track.

Now, I can see why a customer may want to return other digital products, for example a website code, which may have some bugs. But in case of music tracks, a preview gives you a full idea of the track you are going to buy. There can’t be any hidden bugs or issues. You hear everything in a preview. If you don’t like something right from the start, why do you buy it?

And I don’t quite understand, why I wasn’t at least informed about the reason why the customer wanted to return the track. Again, this is not a reversal, it’s a refund. This means that it was authorized by Envato, right?

Did you guys have a similar experience? What did you do? I think I am going to write to the Author Support, but also I would like to know about your similar stories and how you solved the problem (if you did). Thank you.


It happened to me too, several months ago.The customer’s reason was that he bought the wrong item, by mistake.That was all that i knew.I don’t know the policy, but if he already downloaded the zip file, he got access to the non-watermarked files.Which could be an exploit.Maybe a moderator or envato help could be more useful in this case.Sorry to hear that.

yes, it’s a pity that this happened, I also had such a case a month ago and I wrote to the support service they said that they were sorry but could not help

they said that they were sorry but could not help

Really? Was it a reversal or a refund in your case? As to the reversal, they really cannot help, because it does not depend on them. But a refund is something they allow, and there must be a ground reason for this. As the article I mentioned points out, a customer cannot return an item simply on a basis that it was bought by a mistake or he chaged his mind or something. I wrote to the Support Team, and looking forward to the reply.

i had a u-turn

That’s only for Themeforest and Codecanyon, as only those authors have the ability to issue a refund if the client requests one… so all refunds for items from other sites, such as AudioJungle, have to be processed by Envato.

You might still get an email as to the reason why. Most times when I’ve had a refund on one of my items it’s because the buyer bought a standard license and they meant to buy an extended one. Hopefully that’s the case here… they mean to buy a film license or something.

Still, worth checking you statement to see if there is another purchase on the same item by the same buyer… might give you some clues as to why the refund has occurred. Or you could give it a day or two and contact support, find out the reason.

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Thank you. Good advice. I will check what else this customer bought and see if they are going to purchase a different license for the same item. Anyway I wrote to the support, and as soon as they reply, I will have more information.