Refund of my 2 Purchases

Dear Team,

5 days ago I have raised refund request on my 2 items purchases but there is no response from author’s side. 1st item purchase amount is 61USD and 2nd item purchase amount is 51USD (included all taxes). Below is links of my refund requests. Please check and release my payment ASAP.

Best Regards
Tj Solutions

I have requested a refund for the Ygrette theme 4 days ago. The author is ignoring my requests and keeps asking for my admin login. As a long time Themeforest customer I am becoming unhappy.

So, what you do next? Did you get payments or still waiting?

This depends a lot on what the refund was for. What was the cause of you requesting the refund?

It could be that the author is disputing it. You probably need to leave it a little longer but after 7 working days could reach out to envato Envato Market Help and Support

It’s been 8 days so far for me. Envato has not responded and the author is ignoring my request for refund and just asking me for my admin login each time I reply. I’ve had enough of his games.