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I bought a theme in HTML version. I later realised it was not compatible with Wordpress and I contacted the author and he asked me to get a word press version which is more expensive. I did buy it and I will like to know if I can get a refund for the HTML version.

The author can refund the item - If they cannot/will not help then you can reach out to envato.

The process is all here but technically a mistaken purchase is not a guaranteed grounds for a refund

Hi Charlie,

many thanks for your very prompt response. I will do that.

Also, the WP theme didn’t come with the demo version as indicated on the description. I have contacted the author on this and I was asked to submit a ticket but then I have been waiting for close to a full day now.

My question is will this also comprise the support from the author? also how long is it normally required for the author to respond to such problems?

Most authors do not respond on weekends

If you look at the support tab on the item page it (might) give an indication on response times but most will be a day or two (business days)

Did you check the documentation as to how the demo content is imported e.g. XML, via theme options etc. It’s pretty rare for an item to state it includes it and then not have it available

FYI - most items will not include the images as well as the demo copy. Is it that which is missing or all demo content?

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Hi Charlie,

Yeah its imported and i did import the XML file. However, only the header and foter looks a little bit similar but with no menu or body or even the template and layout.

You have actually configured the site right? e.g. assigned the navs, set the front pages, activated plugins etc.?

I have activated all plugins but not set front page yet

There won’t be until you assign one

when you open individual pages from the admin - is the content there?

There are no individual pages available when i click on pages under admin/dashboard area. Is that what u asked?

If you have installed the XML successfully then in your admin, if you click ‘pages’ (under ‘media’ on the left should display a choice of pages that have been installed.

If these are not here (beyond ‘sample page’) then it would suggest that the import is not complete

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I think the import was not complete then because nothing displays on the pages area.

Many thanks for your help and i will try again to do the import


I think you are not able to get refund if you purchase something by mistaken.
#Envato Market Refund Rules Information for Customers.

Here is Envato Refund policy

Your can read and understand about customer refund Why a refund may not be given .

Hope you understand well.

Have a beautiful day.