Getting the run around on a refund!

I bought the Finbuzz theme Wordpress and HTML from Radius Theme. I only needed the HTML and tried to get a refund for the Wordpress. Envato says contact the author Radius Theme. I contacted Radius Theme, they asked for the purchase code and then they said ask Envato. My question is if I’m supposed to ask Envato then why did Radius Theme ask for the purchase code?
Envato doesn’t have a specific place to “Ask” for a refund. I’ve spent the last hour trying to figure out how to even write this post.

Can someone tell me the clear steps to getting the WP theme refunded? I’m keeping the HTML but need a refund on the WP theme. link at the bottom to submit a refund request

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If the item ( WordPress ) not downloaded, you may be able to get a refund. If it’s downloaded already, author has rights to reject your request

Ok, even though I made a mistake? It’s not like I want a refund on both. I’m still using one of them. So that email from Radius Theme telling me to ask Envato for the refund isn’t even possible?

When you submit the request via the link we shared above can you not just choose which individual item you are trying to refund?

UPDATE: I got an email from Envato saying they are refunding the money for the Wordpress theme. Thank you so much for your help guys!

I would be disturbed too assuming I needed to stand by so long for a discount. I’m awfully grieved that this has been your involvement in our administration. I might want to help.

I will send you a Private Message for additional record audit.

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