I bought the wrong theme (HTML5) can I replace it with (WordPress)?

I bought the wrong theme (HTML5) can I replace it with WordPress version? There is a WP version of this theme available on Envato.

If you haven’t downloaded the HTML version, you could ask the refund and purchase the WordPress version

If you have downloaded the HTML version, you may not get the refund but you’d have to purchase the correct version, too

Contact the item author for the details, they may provide you some solution


Yes, I downloaded the incorrect version. But not installed. Thank you for your help.

It doesn’t matter if you install or not. Once the item is downloaded, you cannot request refund.

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If you contact the author and explain what happened, then the author might suggest you purchase the Wordpress version first, then they may refund you the difference on the HTML template. This is not a guarantee, but some authors do be kind when genuine mistakes are made. You would not be able as @ki-themes has already said request a refund because of your own error.

Thank’s guys. I spoke with the author. As you said before - i need to buy the correct one, and later he will refund me.