Refund Approved but refund not received

Hi All,

I have purchase Claue Magento Theme and because of support issue I have raised refund request and they have accepted my refund request:

I have also received approval mail from Envato which clearly says that the Author has approved your request for a refund. The Envato Help team is now on it, and we will process your request in 3-5 business days.

Refund Request was Accepted by ArrowHiTech (Claue Magento Theme) Author before 8 days (i.e. on 30th December 2019) and still I have not received a refund.

I have raised Ticket on Envato regarding refund and also sent mail on but no response from the Envato team.

Please help if anyone has an idea about this.

If anyone here from the Envato team then please give us an update on a refund.

Thank you.


For weekend and holiday it can take some more time than usual 3-5 days. Please keep patience hope you will received refund balance soon.



Yes, we agree it will take more time for the weekend and holidays. But you can check our refund request was approved on 30th December, and if we remove the weekend then today is 7th day. And as per their mail response time is a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5 days.

There should be some timeline for this procedure. Even they are not answering any ticket or any mails.

Can you please let me know how much time I will wait for a refund?

And the refund will be credited in our account or it will come as a balance in Themeforest?

Today is 5 working days. 31st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th.

Ok. I was counting from 30th (incl. 1st).

Let’s see by Tomorrow I will get any response or not?

Thank you.

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I would expect some delays if I were you - they’re a bit backed up from the holidays.