I asked for a refund but no answer


I asked the author for a refund and it was approved. Envato customer support said the money would be in my account within 5 days but it has been 8 days, so I rewrote it on support but it doesn’t answer me

Please help me


Please keep patience for weekend it can be some delay. Actually they mean 5 working days. So, hope you will get the fund soon. Also they will reply you as quickly they can.


Approved on Monday, January 13. it is 5 days working day until friday

Sometimes for a large queue of support request can be some delay. Don’t worry! you will get fund soon. Thanks

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they still don’t answer

I Have Same Question Before Two Months.I get Refund After 2 Weeks.Don’t Worry!You Should get Refund This Week.Don’t Worry.Due To Large Number Of Requests Refund Delay A Week.Now Weekend Is Over You should Receive Refund Business Hour.