Received abnormal reviews, anyone else?

I just have received an e-mail notifications about new reviews, two for same product and from same person (which has 10 products bought) and with the same content. One appears as deleted one is online, talking strange about three years impossibility of using my (two years online) product. And something more about Adobe vs Google. Looks like Envato site’s hacked, but maybe it’s just my bad luck for an real idiot customer. Anyone else noticed same thing?


Me too :slight_smile:

I still got an email for “stupid things” reason.

Where to report this user account?

Hello @dgas99 yes I have received the email too

Wonderful about the thing is, that I have no item sale in last moth to anyone from France. It really looks like there may be some problem on envato’s site security. Also the guy mentions something about the AI, maybe it have to do something with it.

Problem is that there is no “report user” button, you can report just the seller’s item, not the person and especially not the buyer. This is well known issue of buyer protection, against the author’s frustration :smile:

I’m not sure if there is someone competent to report this to site’s support here or not (moderators?), probably we must go individually through the long customer support walkthrough.

I do not know what’s going on with his brain, but this is funny, I do not want to communicate with him anymore.


What he says does not make any sense, there are probably some more examples here (looks like spam).
Maybe moderator has an answer to what to do ?