False Ratings - No Solution!

Hello guys,

I’ve just experienced an awful thing regarding reviews & ratings.
Long story short, a buyer purchased 2 of my summer flyers and rated 1 star for both items.

The images speak for themselves:

I have contacted Envto Support and they said these reviews are relevant to me\my items and they are justified.
I think this is insane, total nonsense and very poor judgment.

How can this be related to me or my items if the buyer could not even download my files from Envato servers?
The buyer should have contact Envato Support regarding the download issues. I have ZERO control about the downloads or Envato servers, so why do I need to suffer from this with 1 star ratings? He didn’t even download my PSD files (he says it very clear in the review), so how can he rate them when he has ZERO experience with my designs?

I’m speechless. What can I do now? This is totally unfair and unprofessional !! :sweat: :cry:

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Hi @EladChai. Sorry to hear about this situation. Let me get someone from the Help Team to swing by and try to assist you. Thanks for your patience.

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Hey @scottwills , Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it.
This is my ticket number 331494. Thanks again! Really hope this will be solved.

Guess what? The so called “Support Center” did not support me and is 100% useless.
Another good reason why I have not uploaded a new file in over 9 months. This place is not what I used to know in the past. No wonder a lot of authors left.

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if they really cared about authors here, they would suppress that system anyway , let’s face it, how many satisfied guys take the time to rate , while, if u ever have a customer that is not, u can rest assured, they will burn you down with a pretty awful rating, in other words, this system is just niot meaning anything at all … besides, how many guys already complained in the forums about it, about having buyers not reading the descriptions and sort of “avenging”?

not, i am really sad for you buddy, this is not cool at all and having your hard work spoilt this way is just unacceptable …

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lol that’s not exactly true … if u really have a technical problem, guys are here and they do a greta job, as for what happens to authors in a general way, then nobody cares , this is that simple …


Same happened to me and Envato replied with the same standard email. This is what I call customer support. :wink:

Envato, please, do something about this problem. We understand that buyers can leave 1 star, why not, if they have a reason.

But there are cases where is so obvious that the rating is not fair.

In the case of @EladChai, obviously the rating is not relevant to his item, but Envato system. And that message saying that is relevant, is really very annoying. Is like talk to a wall. We are completely ignored!

Please, don’t treat us like fools.

this rating system has no legitimacy as it is anyway … as buyers who are satisfied are scarcely coming to rate and mostly dissatisfied people do and the system pays not attention at all about this (abstention is much of a problem for many as may guys scarcely have ratings) , in other words that’s not the reflection of any proficiency, seriousness or skills , just the wheel of fortune in a way , depending on who buys and if they play the game fairly and so on or not … . What is cool is that most of buyers do, but this rating system is not working as it today and may have negative and unfair consequences rather than any other thing. Evaluating in not a big deal anyway … some guys give 5 stars to an item and some give one (i could see it sometimes when commenting some items), how can it possibly happen if this is a down to earth really reliable system … indeed, this basically means that this is also about luck among other things today, maybe even more than any other things … for sure more than about quality or whatever. Besides, let’s face it , an item maybe really not fitting someone 's needs when the exactly same item can be a mere pleasure and boon for another … plus the segment of rating according to diverse criterias is pushing to take out some stars , when , let’s be honest, who cares for instance if an item is not unique as long as the person fully satisfied with it … so that the person bought it in the end … which proves that he or she did not mind in the first place …