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Is there any way to stop this reviews and ratings??? Screenshot_2020-01-01-Reviews-for-Watercolor-Sketch---Photoshop-Action-GraphicRiver
Every few months some genius buyer appears and without any communication leave reviews like this, does it even make sense to report this to Envato?


I think this is worth fighting, because you unfairly underestimate or wind up a negative rating, because then it will not be considered a fair competition. Envato should therefore moderate comments that are spam and thus protect authors from such phenomena


Hi hellhat, I had already a similar case that reported to envato but their answer that is not violated rules with this and they did nothing.
Unfortunately I don’t know any other solution except it makes me very angry and wanted to hear experiences with things like this…

Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with personal experience to date, but if you are telling the truth and Envato did nothing on explicit spam, then this is a bit rude on their part, I want to advocate for equal competitiveness and I am a little concerned about your case, keep sending complaints to review your comments, I would like to see more obscure comments, if possible

Have a nice day!

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Unfortunately, all we can do here is speculate. This review looks broken, therefore it brings nothing useful to the product, and in my personal opinion ( this doesn’t necessarily reflect the Envato Policy, but my thoughts ) brings nothing to the item.

However, this may not be the case for other types of reviews where the charset is not broken.

What I would suggest is to get in touch with Envato Authors Help and Support and see how this situation can be resolved.

As mentioned, my thoughts are that it’s illegible/unreadable, and should not hold. However, the final call on this will be of Envato Support Staff!

Open a ticket! No harm can come from it! :blush:


LOL the only bad rating (2 stars) that i have ever had was one made of complete lies … the buyer said that the preview was not the same color as the delivered file … when the file would not even have been able to make it if so , not to mention that i am one the very few to keep using cmyk for everything, including the previews which basically means that it could not be more untrue … by the way the guy was also complaining about the model not being included, when he had never tried to contact me in any way and that this was clearly labelled that the MODEL WAS NOT INCLUDED. I thus contacted envato to arrange this complete cheating situation with all the proves that all this rating was a joke and guess what i was told?! it was not possible to do anything about rating lol too bad, a crazy thing like this had just happened to a friend shortly ago who contacted them and they had cancelled the ridiculous rating he had received … for him they could do something … for me they could do nothing lol

hi u know that opening a ticket is very likely not to bring anything to the table … even if they are sometimes doing something and sometimes they “(supposedly) can do nothing about ratings” …

Hey Nico, totally understand what you are saying I had a case where the comment was “Main file not included” and of course one star rating for item with 100+ sold, there was more ridiculous comments some reported to Envato but the answer was that they were not breaking the rules and that it is a subjective opinion… interesting no one who asked for help did not leave a bad rating but always someone who will not communicate in some way probably just because of the damage.
In this case Envato quickly removed this review.

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we all know that this system is not totally fair anyway as this is crystal clear that, in most cases (even if some of us are rather free from this all the same, in a general way), people who are going to come to rate are priorly the people who turn out to be somehow some way dissatisfied (at least they feel like it lol) and that a lot of people who are satisfied in their case are not going to take time to come and rate in a general way, they just move on and do their things so that the rating is sort of a value by default, in most cases rather not really in the advantage of the seller … most of the ratings that i have ever received by the way were given after i helped people with one thing, the model, or a potential technical question for less advanced photoshop users, things like this … this is why , in a general way there aren’t so many ratings and there aren’t so very completely faithful a picture of authors skills and item quality … finally i think that sometimes people rating guys badly - so i am not talking for my buyers, apart from one indeed - should also consider the impact on sales and try to honestly depict the concerned rating … as i mentioned in the past already, for me , in a way this is hard to consider that a 1 or 2 * star rating does exist when the item has been originally through a professional quality control by envato teams which acknowledges the professional quality of the item for sale in the market … in a general way this is fine, though the bad thing is that when u have a combination of circumstances, u can end up having an item “burnt alive” by the fact that only dissatisfied people came to rate , actually … when i guess that rating has an impact on sale, i think …


One of the last ratings I’ve ever received was a 1 star review saying that the preview looked nothing like the actual item, which wasn’t true at all, so I contacted support and they actually removed the review, but then the buyer just reposted it, so it was removed again, and once more they reposted. Unfortunately after that support said that there wasn’t more they could do, so I was stuck with the false 1 star rating on an item that only had 2 other ratings (5 stars).

Though I haven’t had any other troubles with false ratings, because I haven’t had any ratings in about 5 years haha.