Unfair bad review

Hi authors of Graphic River,

I just want to share a bit my frustration.
A client just rated with 1 star a template of mine based on the reason that the images of the previews were not included in the item, also accusing me, in the public comment area, to be not honest ( http://graphicriver.net/item/flow-multipurpose-keynote-template/10011359/comments ) and asking for a refund.

What to do, this is one of the down sides of the review system, that is great for many reasons but it is also dangerous and unfair because every ignorant / arrogant client can easily compromise your work.

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Hey there Perspectivaes,

I’m not a GR author but I just read the comment and your reply and you are are absolutely right in everything you mention.

I hope this gets sorted justly by Envato for your sake.


Sometimes, we need to let it go, let it go :stuck_out_tongue:

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What about this one?

Main reason:
Customer Support
Extra comments from the buyer:
i can’t install the theme. Asking for support but no one replies. so poor support.

I found that he never contacted me for support, but Envato staff says this is not unfair rating…

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I think you had to mention that images are not included.
I have a lot of GR items with images included.
But I agree with you he is so unfair with those comments! But this is how world works. I had similar comments that reduced my sales. Good luck.

Yeah, you really should state that the images aren’t included. Sure, it’s kind of ‘inferred’ that they’re not included, but it’s not specifically stated. Always best to cover your back.

I’m glad that the client who wrote the bad review understood the situation and corrected it :slight_smile:

Many customers expects that customizations are included or complains that there aren’t some functions that they thought were included. And this sometimes can lead to bad ratings.

One time a customer left a 1 star rating (i had 2 in a year for this reason) after 2 minutes that he paid the product.
Was clear that he didn’t even unzipped the package.
Anyway there is nothing you can do. Even the top products have bad ratings.
You can just ask good customers to leave a 5star and that’s it.

If everybody was intelligent in the world there weren’t all the problems that we have.
Just keep on doing good work :wink: