honest vs 'bought' reviews

Hi Guys,

i bought a template on sunday which was advertised with a lot of demo pages.
after i installed the template i wanted to import the advertised demo pages and noticed that only a few of them are available.

i then created a support-ticket and heared nothing from the devs. after giving the template a 1-star rating because of no support and not giving me the stuff i actually bought.

i now got a call from the devs that i need to change my rating to 5-star to get support. this is somehow weird. i mean, what are reviews for, if devs want a 5-star rating to acutally help you. i bought the template and support and didn’t get what i wanted and had no support at all.

I think its not fair for all the customers that are looking into reviews, which are obvios not honest.

i totally understand that its not good for them, but its also not good for me and my customers, when i have deadlines and work need to be done and i only get some delayed reply from the dev. when giving it a 1-star rating.

envato needs to do something here in my opinion, otherwise they can delete the review section because its full of lies.


Hey there! I’m very sorry to hear you’re encountering issue with an author, but I can assure you, there is no such thing as paid reviews here, or, even if an author does stoop to tactics such as getting reviews from customers but sells an item that is not up to par with those reviews, you’ll certainly see negative ones as well. However, that’s heavily frowned upon and doing that gets you disabled as an author faster than you can say “code”.

In regards to your situation, if the item is advertised as supported you entitled to 6 months support or the extensions you’ve purchased. Authors that don’t hold true to their commitment to support get their items or accounts disabled based on the gravity of the situation.

With this being said, the best thing to do is get in touch with Envato Market Help and Support (link) and explain the situation in detail. They’ll be in touch with you with, most likely a refund or after they get in touch with the author and remind them the terms of service.

In either case, there is no reason to accept being held hostage. Reviews that abide to the Envato Terms of Service are never removed (terms can be found here link) and the largest percentage of authors here do take them seriously. Always reach out to Envato Support if you’re being held hostage for a review. These things are dealt and treated with extreme swiftness and seriousness!

Cheers! :blush:


Hey Enabled,

thanks for your detailed reply. i don’t want to be an a**hole and contact envato straight away, but how long is long enough to wait to get actual support ?

and how much of the demo pages needs to be in the item you buy ?
in my case there are over 75+ pages advertised and 50 are currently available.

also both of my comments on the item got hidden ( comment is being reviewed ) mentioning that the specific demo page is not available. so the comments section is also useless, when authors can hide it.
in another comment someone ask about the same demo page and the author says its already available, which isn’t true.

still sitting on a fresh wordpress install and i can’t do anything, because i’m still waiting for the support on my page and the author wrote me, the demo page i want, which he says in the comments-section is already available, as i mentioned before, isn’t rolled out yet and i need to wait for the dev-team to do so…

never had issues like this before…

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You’re not in the wrong here. On the top of each item there’s a bar that mentions “This author provides support in X business days.” - after that point is reached, you can basically contact support at any time you wish. It really depends on your patience, but from the point that support has not been provided forward, you can reach out to support, no worries and no need to self blame!

Based on the situation you’re describing, I think the point has come where support should be notified, as there seems to be something wrong with the way you and the author collaborate, and that’s why the Customer Success and Author Success teams exist.

Drop them a mail, don’t feel bad in any way. At the end of the day this is a business and you paid for something you did not receive. The quality of items and support here is maintained by the great author community that provide awesomeness to buyers, and the great buyer community that keep quality high by letting Envato know about market health issues that may appear.

Regarding this never happening, sadly, sometimes it does happen. There’s always a rotten apple somewhere, but that’s why terms exist. To protect both you as a customer and me as an author from that potential bad apple and to keep everyone happy!

Send them a ticket, and expect a reply back within 72 hours. Usually it’s much faster but depending on the volume of tickets (especially with current world issues :disappointed: ) it can take a bit more.

Cheers mate! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2: