1 star rating by the buyer asking to support after support expired



We received negative ratings from two buyers for refusing support after support period expired.
Actually the second buyer rated 5 stars for the item before asking for support knowing that the support period has expired.

Now after we told to purchase a support extension for immediate help, he edited the rating for the item to 1 star. This seems really some kind of black mailing.

I already opened support ticket for envato but I am looking for staff to answer, It is really doesn’t make sense allowing buyers to rate after support period.
It seems support extension is just a trap for authors instead of making some money on support.
** Authors are compelled to support even after the support expired**


Dear Envato please take immediate action for this issue. unless most of the good items will get 1 Star ratings, i wish all authors should raise their voice for this issue, as @acmee said there is no sense allowing buyers to rate the item after support period expired.


Possibility of review change is quite crazy idea at all.


Unless there is real control of Envato over support system this will just not work.

Some authors will not ask to renew support / some will do. This will raise a unspoken competition among authors and pressure from buyers to provide support for free.

Later Edit: Your rating may be removed, as it is under support ( and if it is not a real bug :slight_smile: ), but what if buyer change it to some other reason like help document? It will remain as such, it is** feedback.**


Yes, this definitely needs some attention. We can’t say “No” to a customer, as they will likely give a bad rating. Ratings should be disabled if support period has expired.


If Envato don’t take immediate action, after this month, all authors will get tons of unfair ratings. Contacting Envato with evidences after every unfair rating is not a solution. We don’t have time for that…


There is an official reply on another post;


Love button will be simple and effective… Other marketplace using it instead of rating star… Click love button if you like, or leave it if don’t like… There will be no cheating anymore… Simple & effective


Nasty experience you have there, but you can ask Envato Help to overturn the review. I’m not sure if this will happen but judging from what I see in your description the rating is against the recommended ratings style, and seems to fall under point 2 of Rating or Review Removal Policy. Contact Envato Help for more about this matter. This is just my opinion based on what I see. I may be wrong! Cheers! :slight_smile:


Sometime I don’t capture all the rating I’ve received. So, maybe I cannot provide the proof like @acmee
Then, I’m not able to handle this issue. Any suggestion? @Enabled


Yes, I had the reply from the help team. As per the instructions taught by envato heads the help team refused to remove the rating. I don’t know about the instructions taught but it is 90% on favour of buyers.
My argument is: the buyer satisfied with our product until the minute before asking for support and rated 5 stars. Once we told that the support period has been expired he immediately rated 1.
I not against solving bugs and supporting buyers which is the primary thing for an author. But it is not a bug from our plugin as we checked it before answering the buyer. So as per the new terms by envato we have the right to ask the buyer to purchase support extension to support the specific issue the buyer had.

Any how, if I am wrong, we will continue support even after the support period expired, but I need some good straight points about what is Support extensions for?


WOW… the day everyone waiting for has arrived…

lets see how many buyers give 1 star rating if we ask them to buy support extension.

i feel sorry for @acmee


Frankly most places charge to have a designer or artist redo or revamp a product they already worked on, especially freelancees, buyers shouldn’t be allows to act this childish.



But only Love count cannot be a complete solution. As per my experience most of satisfied buyers do not come back to rate, similarly will not return to click love buttons.

Love button + Reviews tab publicly open (with some other title like ‘Buyer’s Feedback’) with possibility of author reply (as in current review system)

Buyer will give feedback here ( +ve / -ve ), author if has some explanation will put forward, otherwise will accept it as it is. Possible buyers can judge from it whether to buy or not.

In most cases of 1 star rating reasons are stylesheet missing, help doc not found etc. This will at least avoid false accusations and will put better discussion about item for possible buyers. I hope so :wink:


I even got 1 star rating just because the bad support when I set that item unsupported (fyi, it’s on Code Canyon).
I cannot remove the rating either.
that’s scrap.


Yes, but you had a bug. Isn’t your job to fix the bug no matter if any user has an ongoing support extension?


As I mentioned in my previous reply to @Enabled
I am not against solving bugs which we do for years. The error message
is not thrown only due to our plugin as we checked against many themes
and plugins which we use in our development environment before answering
the buyer. The error is due to some other plugin or theme involved
specifically the buyer had installed.


Sorry about that, i read through the lines. As long as the item is not faulty, or the bug is caused by a 3rd party plugin or theme, than report the rating to Envato’s support to remove it. I know the feeling that it may not worth even the effort to debug the problem on his website especially to discover it’s coming from elsewhere.


I already reported to envato support they refused to remove as they saw the buyer commented there is error. I don’t know how to prove it’s from other plugin or theme without knowing which is caused it.
This specific buyer’s rating won’t affect our product’s sales and I didn’t opened this thread in that sense. We, authors, how much time we have to spend to create tickets with proofs for false ratings like this?
So envato have to do something to prevent false ratings and educate buyers what they can’t get after support period (may be display in the comments section "Your support expired: renew it to get immediate help from the author blah blah…)


That’s why I keep support buyer even though their support already expired, It a lot easier than get 1 star and asking staff to remove it. :unamused: