Real Estate sales and insights - Themeforest statistical overview. Part #2



In our previous article we reviewed the amount of added items on ThemeForest and you’ve got the chance to explore the authors’ activity on the marketplace.

For the second part of our overview we decided to get you introduced to one of the item concepts existing on ThemeForest - Real Estate.

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As the Real Estate concept on ThemeForest is represented only by Wordpress themes, we will overview it in the context of this particular category.

At first, let’s aknowledge that there aren’t many sales in this item concept. We don’t actually think that somebody needs a proof of it, but still:

As we can see, from September 2016, weekly sales of Real Estate rarely hit 600 sales per week. On the right report unit we can see the comparison between Real Estate and Corporate sales in Wordpress themes taken by the same period from September 2016.
So, does this item concept deserves our attention? Of course, it does.

The overall amount of added items in Real Estate is 112. More, than 24% of the items presented were uploaded to ThemeForest from September 2016. And the most interesting thing is that 107 items were sold for at least 1 time for this period.

Let’s see how the amount of sold items changed from the beginning of December:

The peak number of sales for December was reached on 12th of December. The average number of sales is about 2.5 daily.

Of course, this may be not so exciting, but rememer that for the past 4 months almost 96% of the presented items were actually sold from September 2016.
And here are the most popular and the most sold tags, that were used for Real Estate items:

But the concept overview would be incompleted if we don’t mention Real Estate authors and items.

Let’s look at the most sold item in Real Estate - Houzez by favethemes. It was added on 15th of June 2016 and since then it quickly gained recognition among ThemeForest audience and become the most sold item in this concept for quite short period of time.

This item sells about 100 times per week, and the peak sales day we can associate with price changes, that didn’t last that much, but definetely caused positive results.

Well, that’s all for today. What’s your opinion on the most underrated or overrated item concepts on ThemeForest? Discussions are always welcomed.
The third part of the overview is coming soon.

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Guys, you never cease to amaze.
How much you got there all ?! The explosion of the brain, I’m shocked.

I need to try it all. How do I access or subscription?

You rock. :sunglasses:


Wow, thanks a lot for such a heart-warming feedback. Actually, we’ve got pretty much all information about categories, authors, tags, etc. By the way, you can see the reports for this article through this link:!report/158