The theme with a semi-annual sales history, occupies the top places in the chart of the best new items. How is this possible?

The thing is that today, while I looked through top new wordpress items and found out that one item have sales more than 50 per one day.

You can check it here
I thought it was pretty good (like the new Awada), but when I checked out sales through
And as an additional proof you can see dates of reviews.
I was impressed! This item wasn’t created yesterday, it wasn’t created even month before! Good idea to sold item more than a half year, and being promoted as a top new item with a really good sales per one day. I believe that this is an example of unfair competition. Have any ideas how they reached it?
PS. Here is no calling out items, users or staff. Just example without names, of how envato works.

Very interesting. Could it be a bug or something?