We cannot understand reasons for low sales.

Hello, more than two weeks ago our theme “Gase” was accepted. But during this time there were 2 sales. We cannot understand the reasons for low sales.
Maybe this design is not suitable for this theme or we need to promote it through advertising. We will be grateful if you can help us understand our problem.


Nice theme and congrats for the approval. Though I personally don’t think it is theme related. Maybe because of bestsellers in the same category and fierce competition. Maybe someone has a better overview regarding wp sales ? @charlie4282

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Interesting - I hadn’t seen this on but it is seriously nice. You have some pretty unique features and well executed UX which unfortunately doesn’t necessarily receive the recognition it deserves (there’s a few authors like @CocoBasic that suffer from this).

I don’t have access to Envato data but speaking as big buyer, my guess would be -

  • It’s quite niche theme (‘corporate/business’) and obviously a lot of others out there

  • Unavoidably, if you are not advertising it at all then obviously it will never be simple to accelerate results.

  • Dare I say it – you might want to look at running another promo. 1 day at discount is not very long, and while I entirely believe files like this should have the recognition they deserve, multiple sales at $19 or $29 and the subsequent exposure that brings, is better than very few on 59.

We’ve bought well into the thousands of products from envato over the years and thus definitely comes across as one which deserves to do well.

We are not working on a suitable project right now but if you do decide to discount it again and maybe we can treat ourselves to a ‘just for fun’ purchase.

Good luck


Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply. We had a discount on the first day at $19 and $29 for - next 7 days. But unfortunately, it didn’t help.

We cannot make a discount right now, because if we change the price of an item, we cannot make it an official tool for discounts