PSD Template sales insights. Themeforest statistical overview. Part #4

Dear colleagues! In the previous statistical review we gave you some useful tips on how to succeed on ThemeForest and get as much sales from yours’ items as possible.
In today’s article we’ll review one of the fastest-growing categories - PSD Templates.
As we said before, this category grows rapidly, but the sales are rather low.

PSD Templates made only 1374 sales from November 26th and this doesn’t look exciting, especially while Worpdress themes were sold almost 100 times more for the same period of time.
This can possible be explained by the fact that Elite and Power Elite authors don’t bother themselves with uploading PSD’s to Themeforest. The vast majority of PSD Templates was added by Standart authors, who may not be aware of promoting their items. Just take a look on how sales in the category is distributed among authors:

As you can see, more than 75% of weekly PSD sales belong to the Standart authors on Themeforest. Let’s see the best selling authors of the month:

  1. odin_design - 43 sales
  2. tranmautritam - 33 sales
  3. themesun - 32 sales
  4. logancee - 28 sales
  5. themefire - 27 sales


But who was the most productive author for this year?
Here’s the list of the most productive authors:

  1. ifathemes - 60 added PSD’s
  2. torbara - 51 added PSD’s
  3. mwtemplates - 41 added PSD’s
  4. themesun - 30 added PSD’s
  5. magentech - 26 added PSD’s


You probably noticed, that only one author from both TOP-5’s is sucessful in uploading and selling PSD Templates - themesun.
Themesun chose the tags for PSD Templates wisely, because his/her tags have much in common with the list of most sold tags for PSD Templates.

This also confirms that wisely chosen tags for your items can get you additional sales.

What tags do you usually use for your PSD Templates? Are they match with the list of best selling tags? Discussion is welcomed.

See the report that was used while writing this article.

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I followed themesun, they did very great job & designs.
As I remember, they are featured author already.
However look at their old prices, most of them are set at $5 initially and now they are set at higher prices.
Is this a good tip to follow this successful author and compete?
How do you think?

PSD is no longer sale, no more. I think almost above “the most productive authors” are uploading PSD just for verifying the design and later they will convert them to CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Magenta, Ecommerce…).

I have approved 2 psd files in last one month. As miyachi_hikari said yes I am uploading the PSD files just to verify my designs so that I can later convert it to HTML and CMS.

Thanks for the question. I think it’s always a good thing to follow those, who are doing better at the time, but it’s important to try to do better than those you follow. As for me, it’s a basic rule of fair competition. If you know your competitors, you can understand their “tricks” and then come up with your own “killer features” and “tricks”. But that takes some time of observation and analysis. Everything is in your hands, good luck to you!

BTW, I totally agree with you on the main purpose of uploading PSD’s. It seems to be just like you’ve said.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!
Good luck with developing your templates! And with sales of your uploaded PSDs of course. :smiley:

Thank you.