Themeforest PSD template sale Regular / Extended....??????

hey folks
so i got a doubt regarding TF PSD template. Usually the average sale for a Good template is 3 to 4 and the maximum is around 12 to 15 so i got few question regarding that so experts help me plse .

  1. Just for few sales why authors spent time on this PSD …? unless those few sales are extended .

  2. Ya i know! get PSD approved find developer bla ! bla ! …but not all the PSD are got converted into HTML/WordPress theme just for few sale is it worth it ?

  3. Do those few sales are Extended license ? if regular license means buyer got to be a developer to develop it and use it for his own purpose cannot redistribute am i rite ?

  4. if the regular license buyers are not developers means who are they ? what they will do with the templates ?

am asking just out of curiosity
thanks cheers :slight_smile:

  1. We never had an extended licence for our psd files, and niether our partners, so I think they are rare.
  2. This is the real reason to get approved. You find a developer ( if you don’t work with one yet) and split the earnings.
  3. You are right. A regular licence means you get to develop it and use it for yourself.
  4. They will use it for their business…or maybe to learn how to code… I myself think that most of these buiyers use them for clients that they do charge money.
    I know an elit author that had one single extended licence purchase in 3 years…
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Extended license purchases on ThemeForest are extremely rare, they are basically non-existent for most authors here. Main motivations for publishing PSD is to either have better chances to find a developer for theme partnership, or just to get some attention before you publish the theme/template version.

From the buyers perspective, the main motivation for purchasing the PSD is to code it yourself. There are obviously not many people here who are able or are willing to do that, hence lack of sales for PSD items.

The only way to get a lot of extended licenses is to create a product that could be sold inside another product on Envato.
I believe the best example is Visual Composer, which “obbligate” customers to buy the extended license and get a external license from the author in order to apply it to your item (web themes).

PSD Themes are almost useless, because people want complete themes. They are a sort of first step to get approved for further purposes.