How Houzez takedown affected Real Estate sales?

In December we’ve already mentioned Houzez in our research on Real Estate concept on ThemeForest. Unfortunately, two weeks ago this theme became unavailable. Some users on forum say it’s all about some kind of copyright issues, but that’s not the case here.

At Stattie we waited for two weeks to see how the takedown of Houzez affected WordPress Real Estate sales in general.

The red line indicates date when Houzez became unavailable

At first it seemed like all of the Houzez potential customers will choose other themes, but as you can see, the daily amount of sales in Real Estate decreased.


Those 100+ sales per week that was usual thing for Houzez for the last time weren’t fully converted in other authors sales. Items that were next to Houzez had slight increase in sales. However, it might be possible that the fact that Houzez is no longer available gave a chance to Home Villas that was published few days before the takedown happened. This theme is #5 now, and that is a great result, even for the Elite Author.


Do you think sales will go back to their normal rates? May the Home Villas be the new best seller in Real Estate?

Full statistical report for this article is here.

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Hello, Stattie

What is the link to see all the statistics information you put here?

Thanks !

The link to all the statistical data used is in the bottom of the article: