Re-submitting hard rejected item


I submitted my first item. But they rejected it within 8 hours with the auto-generated rejection message. I don’t think they didn’t even see my demo or install the script (for which I have worked for 2 months)

I have seen a lot demo scripts where the navigation bar has empty link (href=#) and Codecanyone approved them. And nwo Codecanyon is saying my script quality is not up to the mark.

I checked all the possible issues for a rejection but I found no reason except one. I used a third-party API in my app and the third party API website doesn’t allow to use their API for commercial purpose. I asked the API provider for the permission a long ago and they permitted me (through email) to use the API in this commercial Codecanyon project. I didn’t inform Codecanyon that I have the permission to use their API.

The third party API provider have assured me if Codecanyon contacts them, they will tell Codecanyon that I am permitted.

So now I am going to re-submit the item with the contact email of the API proivder.

Do you think this makes sense?

Thank you.

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I think this is very unwise

Technically you are not allowed to just resubmit previously hard rejected items, and doing so could lead to your account being blocked

If it was only to do with API permission I would expect the reviewer to have explained that.

Also the original author may have given you permission to use it but If it’s just in an email to you then this is unlikely to cut it from a legal perspective when it comes to each and every buyer also having permission (given they will not have the original email or one of their own).

Regardless of this - I would suggest you share the demo link here so that people could offer feedback before you jump into resubmitting it


I have given the demo URLs. But it’s in pending for an approval. Please see this.

Actually the API is free. They just didn’t make it free for me. It’s free for everyone. On the top of that, I have implemented the option such a way that the buyers can choose “Not to use” that free API if they want. I have my own alternative options. (please go to Demo Admin > Settings > Locations Settings > Search result tab to view these options)

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To be honest that looks pretty good and I can see there are a lot of extra features

The reviewer may think that the concept and features behind this (regardless of the level of customization capacity) is available for free elsewhere online.

Personally, I still don’t think it’s the API issue that is the problem, but I can’t suggest anything else glaringly problematic


Thank you for checking the demo.

There are 6 tools in my script and Codecanyon have approved a script with having only one of these 6 tools in 25 May 2020. So I don’t think there is any free script with these features available online. I also don’t think reviewer saw my demo or install the script. (at least I didn’t see any searches in the demo website after my submission)

Another thing that comes in my mind, can there be any reason for a hard reject if there is any problem in item title? or item description?
I included all the tools name in item title (that reviewer may find it spammy). Do you think it can be a reason for direct rejection?

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Titles again seem unlikely to be a cause.

It’s not likely the reviewer would have installed the script - most of the check will do on the demo. Assuming this was working correctly and there is nothing else going on behind the scenes of the script then that should be enough.

Presumably you submitted all the documentation and other bits and pieces?


Item title
HTML description
Preview image
Thumbnail image
Main ZIP file
Screenshot ZIP file

All of them. I have watched tutorial videos 10+ times on youtube on how to upload an item before uploading.

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Please suggest me something.

Thank you.

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